Неизвестная девушка обвинила Тимура Батрутдинова в насилии Resident “Comedy Club” was involved in the scandal. A girl named Maria, came to the editorial office of one of the channels, had the ex-girlfriend of the entertainer and said that Timur Batrutdinov abused her. “StarHit” learned the details of what happened.

      Неизвестная девушка обвинила Тимура Батрутдинова в насилии

      Resident Comedy club Timur Batrutdinov does not hide, that gets acquainted with the girls through the Internet, because the search for a companion in real life he did not have enough time. Unexpectedly, the ex-participant of the show “the Bachelor” became the hero of scandal, who made one unknown to him the fair sex.

      To the editor of one of the channels asked the girl, which was presented by Maria, She told reporters that has become a victim of aggression on the part of Timur, and even showed the marks of beatings. According to Mary, they are with the showman he met online.

      “I, well, didn’t take it seriously, because we met through the Internet, social networks. He is the public face. For me it was a gamble… But after the first meeting he began to insist that I have to see. A casual relationship turned into something serious,” said an alleged friend of Batrutdinova.

      “StarHit” contacted a representative of the artist to clarify the situation.

      “Nothing about it heard. Timur now set. There are many, probably, the girl invented something,” commented the story of Mary Director Batrutdinova Alex.

      In turn, the girl claims that eventually the man began sharply to communicate with her and show aggression. According to her, in real life, Timur closed and introverted and did not like on his screen “I”.

      “I wanted to end it. So I tried to make repeatedly. So it won’t degenerate into aggression, bullying, humiliation. Timur reacted violently,” shared Maria.

      She showed bruising on her body and signaled that they were received in that ill-fated night when she allegedly had a fight with Batrutdinova. While Maria was careful in the wording openly in the beating of a showman she is not accused, but only hinted at what he showed aggression towards her.

      “It was a deliberate mockery. Physical throwing here and there. Then the night was throwing me around the apartment, holding, grasping etc,” admitted an unidentified ex-girlfriend of Timur.

      By the way, Mary told REN-TV that, after everything Timur had wanted to resume a relationship with her, saying that he is now no girlfriend, and he’s very lonely.

      Recall that in 2015 the Batrutdinov registered on the Dating site Tinder to find love. “Concerning the kind of girl – I will not say that it is outdated, but no longer adhere to certain parameters,” said the comedian about his ideal blue-Eyed blonde I’m very nice. Beautiful, slim, smart, with a sense of humor – these settings do not change”. The end of the story: why break up couples from “the Bachelor”

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