Неизвестная семья Жанны Агузаровой: почему певица скрывала отца “StarHit” found unknown relatives of the singer. Despite all their attempts to communicate with the artist to get in touch she would not. As it turned out, for many years, the celebrity concealed the real name of his dad, posing as a pure-blooded Jew.
Неизвестная семья Жанны Агузаровой: почему певица скрывала отца

The last fifteen years about the Queen of rock-n-roll Joan aguzarovoj little is known. The singer almost never gives interviews and seldom appears on stage. Secular audiences in the Russian capital a celebrity traded to California. The flamboyant star, July 7, marks 55 years. “StarHit” found out what the singer now lives, and why it does not communicate with his family.

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“Jeanne settled in Los Angeles – says “StarHit” Paul, a friend of the famous celebrity. – She has an apartment there that she doesn’t leave. And at home arrives just for the performances. To play a concert and back. When visiting Petersburg, is bound to go to the Hermitage. Love the classic museums and theaters. She’s even friends on his arrival reported spontaneously. Usually sends, esemes: “I’m in town!” Try to call back – no answer. Therefore, the best meeting Aguzarova – buy a ticket! In the capital, she has an apartment in the area of “Dynamo”. That’s where she hides from annoying fans.

People used to see her outrageous lady, but in real life it is quite different. Jeanne very calm and polite woman. For example, it forbids friends to swear in her presence. And says: “Who can tell me even one bad word – a fine of 100 rubles!” First, all took it as a joke. But Elya serious. Five times I have accidentally Matagorda, in the end had to pay 500 rubles.
Неизвестная семья Жанны Агузаровой: почему певица скрывала отца

With Jankoi always have fun. I still remember our first meeting with her. I was her fan. In 2007 came to aguzarovoj to the concert. At the end handed the flowers and in the bouquet put a business card with a phone number. Did not expect that she will call me back. That evening we met up with her in the pub. Talked about music, her talented friends and Makarevich. She respects his work, and the youth passed him at some concerts. Remember, Jeanne ordered constantly pineapples. Then it was fruit everywhere. But if they are then for big money. But for favorite singer I did not mind! Of course, I want to gather again and to binge. It’s a pity that not Aguzarova celebrates its birthday. Not like this holiday. So you have to congratulate her on the Network”.

Last time Aguzarova pleased the fans with his visit last year. The star of outrageous acted in the club’s Yota Space. The owners still can not forget the phenomenon of the star.

“Before the show and after the actress has not given any interviews – says the “StarHit” Oksana, administrator of the club. – She has a survival instinct, afraid that it will get under your skin or hurt you. Therefore, communication with the press refuses. Jeanne is very creative. She uses modern gadgets. She designed the poster for the show. Suggested placing her on a background photo of her clips over the years. The end result everyone was happy. For Aguzarova luxury does not matter. Her usual rider: drinks, food, towels… Checked it in the smallest dressing room. Usually celebrities we love large, closer to the stage. And Jeanne – no. Chose this room because the shower stall was closer to go.

All two hours of the concert, the singer received a standing ovation! But when the fans handed her the flowers, she didn’t take them. It turns out that she has a phobia. Suspicious items hands can’t touch, all through a helper.”
Неизвестная семья Жанны Агузаровой: почему певица скрывала отца


With mother Lyudmila Savchenko, the singer rarely talks. A woman living alone in the village of Turtas, Tyumen oblast. And with the father of Hassan Aguzarova generally did not support the relationship. He left the family when the artist was 4 years old. “StarHit” found facts, which cast doubt on well-known biography of the enigmatic singer.

Неизвестная семья Жанны Агузаровой: почему певица скрывала отца

“Janning father’s name is George, and not Hassan, said the “StarHit” Exiled Gusarov, a second cousin of the singer. I don’t know why she patronymic the Hasanovna calls. My dad Felix was his cousin, talked and saw him. Dad in the Soviet times went on business trips to Moscow. There’s a few times staying at George’s house. Caught Janku and aunt Luda. As far as I know, Lyudmila Ivanovna officially they had not been painted, lived, as it is now called a civil marriage. Then I came, and no sign of them anywhere, even things not. Father asked: “Where are the girls?” He just mumbled something and asked not to ask about them.

After they left, the response was often and plenty to drink. And six months later he disappeared. Not to give him the news, dad rushed to the capital from South Ossetia for the search. But to no avail… No one, even from distant relatives, have not received any news from him. Gosh uncle was a remarkable man. Before moving to the capital he lived in the Komi Republic, worked as the head of the editorial Board.

Our family tried to establish communication with Jeanne, but she didn’t want. We gathered somehow and came to the concert of “Bravo”. During the break, caught the singer wanted to get acquainted, to tell about yourself. But she only said: “I Have no relatives in Ossetia! I’m Jewish”. It’s a shame, of course. But love can not be”.