Неизвестная дочь Василия Васильева встретилась с отцом и цыганской семьей Knee flew in from Portugal to Russia. She remembered, how was her childhood, spoke about her mother’s alcoholism and life in the camp. No matter what, the woman communicates with Vasily Vasiliev.
Неизвестная дочь Василия Васильева встретилась с отцом и цыганской семьей

In the first release of the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the star of the film “Elusive Avengers” Vasily Vasilyev, it became known that he has an older daughter who lives in Portugal. Knee born in the first marriage of the actor, claims that he left her in the lurch.

“I guess it was time for him in life when he must realize that the past is nothing to hide,” says the eldest daughter of the artist.

She lives near Lisbon with her husband. They have a restaurant, which serves Portuguese and even Russian cuisine. Knee hurt that the father of her remembers. He is a movie star tried to make excuses.

“In fact, I often call each other, support a paternal relationship. Love her like a daughter,” – said Vasilyev.
Неизвестная дочь Василия Васильева встретилась с отцом и цыганской семьей

Knee told that her mother Galina really got into the group Vasily Vasiliev, which he created in the 80s. prior To that, she was a theatrical actress.
Says Vasiliev, Knee familiar with his other children. However, Vasily Fedorovich admits that probably not received the highest love.

“My parents separated when I was eight years old. Due to the fact that the Pope he met Marianne. He decided that he no longer loves my mom. The breakup was hard,” says Knee.

After their break, they began the difficult year. Galina took the betrayal of his father as a severe injury, because it helped him to actively develop his career on the stage.

“Two-the problem with St. Petersburg, which my dad gave Lenoncourt was my mom. And she prescribed it after the wedding in 1974. It was the apartment that they were given with the first spouse. At one point he came to us when they were already divorced, and offered to open cultural center. We sold the apartment on Herzen street in a very small amount in those days. We are left with $ 4,000, and all the money spent on this centre. Then he says that the situation has not evolved with the land, and we were on the street,” recalls Knee,
Неизвестная дочь Василия Васильева встретилась с отцом и цыганской семьей

Vasilyev blamed the entire situation on the fact that he was refused a loan that he could pay the debt for the land. “I waited 35 years to speak out,” says Knee.

It turned out that many years ago mom Knee began to have serious depression, and it broke. “She goes into booze. I was told that the mother should be treated. When she is taken to hospital, the day she was drunk. The next day she said: I’m on the Buckle. Put her in a madhouse,” recalls the eldest daughter Vasiliev.

The actor himself did not raise the negative side of things. He recalls how he was called by neighbors, he came, as Galina was drinking. Some time Knee lived with my grandmother. At this time her mother, according to the artist, was in the dispensary.

Then she was sent in Vyazniki, where stood the encampment. Knee went to school, and her grandmother forced her to help around the house and was brought up very strictly. Years later she forgot all grievances. “Grandma, I’m letting go of all the pain” – such words of the eldest daughter Vasiliev on the grave of a relative.

In the Studio program came numerous relatives Vasiliev, to see Kneel. “I have never denied its origin. Temperament I got from you for sure. I learned a lot from these people,” admitted the daughter of Vasily Fedorovich.