Unknown daughter of Alla Pugacheva was first told about the relationship with her

Неизвестная дочь Аллы Пугачевой впервые рассказала об отношениях с ней First goddaughter Divas only “StarHit” opened them her secrets. The daughter of a close friend of the singer spoke about the advice that Alla Pugacheva gives her and reminisced about how it was their meeting.

      Неизвестная дочь Аллы Пугачевой впервые рассказала об отношениях с ней

      This week the woman who sings, turns 67. Happy birthday to congratulate her not only his own three children – Kristina Orbakaite, Harry and Elizabeth Galkina, but also his goddaughter – they are also three of them: Alina Maxim Galkin niece, granddaughter Claudia Zemtsova, as well as a good friend’s daughter Anastasia Timofeeva-Kikalishvili. “StarHit” first spotted eldest goddaughter Pugacheva. And the average spoke about what the singer is taking in her life.

      Alla food tastes better

      Alina Galkina, she is now 11, was baptized in Zamoskvorechye, one of the most beautiful churches in Moscow – Church of St. Gregory of Neocaesarea on the Large Meadow in June 2005. Alla Borisovna was directly involved not only in the sacrament, but in the choice of the name for goddaughter – the daughter of Dmitri, the brother of Maxim Galkin, and his wife Natalia.

      “A family Council we kept the four of us: me, my husband, Max and Alla, says “StarHit” Natalia. – It was she who led the arguments in favor of Alina”. In Christian baptism girls with this name usually called angelina, Elena, at least – Alla. But in this case two views could not be – Pugacheva asked to be godmother, too, was Alla, – they say, the more the merrier to celebrate. Families live in different parts of Moscow, but the girl is seen with Alla Borisovna quite often.

      Неизвестная дочь Аллы Пугачевой впервые рассказала об отношениях с ней

      “In regular school I’m majoring in music, – says Alina “StarHit”. And when we come to the alley for a weekend, she helps me. Sit down at the piano, take notes and spend hours doing”.

      However, to become a singer she is in no hurry, and declared the God mum of four years: “al, if you’re a singer, what now for all singers to be? I’m a vet!” And still adheres to this desire, taking care of household Pets – a dog, cat and parrot, which gave her birthday.

      And Alina is crazy about culinary surprises Pugacheva. “Honestly, it gets even tastier than at home, continues God-daughter Divas. – Especially for us Allah is preparing French fries, sausage fries as something special.”

      According to the mother of the girl, Alina and her brothers Grisha and Nikita even spoiled by so much attention: when you arrive, understand that they will have to wait for a table laid. Every holiday comes up with Pugachev in advance for goddaughter gift, she always chooses it. Alina love: “Allah gives me such beautiful jewelry, different outfits – coats, dresses for a Princess”. And christening himself Patriarch Alexy II gave Alina a cross with the letter. These relics are now stored in the family archive Galkin.


      First goddaughter of Alla Borisovny Anastasia from birth lives in Lithuania with her mother Marina, and communication with Diva support on the phone. The family Pugacheva and her father, businessman Anzori Kikalishvili, have been friends for over 30 years. He was engaged in the organization of the cultural program of the Olympic games-80 in Moscow there for the first time and met with Alla Borisovnoj. In the 90 Kikalishvili have created the Association “XXI century”, which held the event with the Russian and world stars. Often they participated and Pugachev. The singer and businessman has visited each other’s houses, celebrated holidays together. When in 1998 I Anzori a daughter, Anastasia, as her godmother had had only one candidate. The sacrament was held in Trinity Church on the Sparrow hills.

      “The day of the christening I, of course, can not remember, – tells “StarHit” Timofeeva. – I was barely 10 months. But a gold cross, presented by Alla Borisovna, still keep. As photos taken in our rare meetings, usually during her visits in Lithuania”.

      Now 18-year-old Anastasia graduated from the 12th class of the Vilnius grammar school, the University selects. “Godmother is a person who is very easy to open, continued the lady. – Alla Borisovna always calls me and repeats what he remembers about me, and if you suddenly need help, support, ready to provide it. Gives advice, speaks about how important it is to study well and to achieve something in life. She primarily is interested in my spiritual state, asked how I live, what I’m planning for the future.”

      Last Timofeeva and Pugachev met about six years ago, after the Divas concert in Vilnius. “We came to hear her perform with her mother – says Anastasia. – It was February 2010, Alla Borisovna has presented the program “Dreams about love”. We hugged, she asked how my creative works, I then just went to music school on a piano class. Of course, all the success in this case, I’m connected directly with the godmother – she always guided me, advised works, which are worth learning, even sometimes asked me to play her a text on the phone… will Definitely call her on 15 April to congratulate him on his birthday. Wish happiness, peace of mind, an easy way in life and, of course, success and joy of her precious children.”

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