Неизвестная дочь целительницы Джуны: «Я бежала за ней и кричала: «Мамочка, вернись!» “StarHit” sought out the woman clairvoyant Joon took the family after the death of his firstborn. The famous healer she had a niece, but a long time considered native mother. Adopted daughter juna Nagy many years keeps the family secret.

      Неизвестная дочь целительницы Джуны: «Я бежала за ней и кричала: «Мамочка, вернись!»

      In the village of Urmia in the Kuban, where she was born dzhuna Davitashvili, to this day do not cease talking not only about her extraordinary gift, but also a rich inheritance. The healer died 8 June last year. Bone of contention were four-storey mansion in Central Moscow’s Arbat, paintings, the cost of which varies from three hundred thousand to half a million rubles, jewelry.

      – One of her apartments she’s still in life bequeathed to the son of a close friend of William, who had offered her financial assistance to tens of thousands of dollars. But relatives for a year trying to sue her, – told the “StarHit” Valery Kamshilov, acting President of the Academy of Junes. – In the house where she lived, I opened the Museum, but the legal status we have not received. Her room closed. Yes, there is not the fight – one Kostochka, a wardrobe and a Desk.

      The stolen wealth was returned to the Georgian mafia – more than 500 paintings, some of which are exhibited as exhibits, icons, jewelry. Not on the only painting by the Venetian painter Titian worth millions of dollars – it from a collector Vyacheslav Ilyushin, who, in fact, many years ago and gave it to the healer. However, after her death took under the pretext that he wants to assess the canvas, but never returned.

      Among those eligible for a share of this luxury was unknown, and the daughter of a healer. How do I find “StarHit”, at the age of 30 juna took care of the little daughter of the sister.

      Second mother

      Неизвестная дочь целительницы Джуны: «Я бежала за ней и кричала: «Мамочка, вернись!»

      While the healer worked as a barmaid in a café in Tbilisi Metro, where she met her future husband – the official Viktor Davitashvili. The couple had a daughter who juna was named in honor of his sister – Emma. But eleven days later the girl died, then my sister gave her one of his children.

      When my mother instructed me in Juneau, I was three or four years – says the “StarHit” niece clairvoyant. – She came after me in the Urmia from Georgia, where she lived with her husband, gave a new name to the manga. The year and a half that I spent in her house, called Joon mom, and of Victor – dad. They have become my family. Besides, I was born with very poor health, Juneau had to literally nurse me. And then something happened that nobody expected: native’s father demanded that he return me back. Juneau parents wrote a letter which she immediately began to pack my children’s things, toys.

      “Before my eyes still stands the picture of that evening, when we arrived in Urmia: here’s a table for one it sets my blood mother, for others – June. And I, a little, not understanding absolutely nothing, run up to him in turn, calling each a mother. They had a long talk, and then June got up, took the bag and walked out the door. I rushed after him. Saw her get on the bus, and cried. When the transport started, June, too, broke down and rushed to the end of the cabin, sobbing, and I ran after her, covered in dust, and screamed hysterically: “Mom! Come back!”, not yet exhausted”.
      Неизвестная дочь целительницы Джуны: «Я бежала за ней и кричала: «Мамочка, вернись!»

      After a few years the healer again became a mother – was born a boy Vic.

      After the story, when she visited me, we talked a lot about her son, ” continued the woman. – She shared the success of the Wahoo, told me that many of my things in her house passed on to him, so to speak, by inheritance. For example, bed. That thing where every night Djuna put me to bed, adjusting the blanket and kissing before bed. Worries about the son she had instructed the old nurse who also once looked after me during walks.

      At the June appeared a mysterious grandson

      In 2001 at the age of 26 years, the son of the healer was in a car accident. A few days Djuna fought for the heir herself, not trusting doctors. Three weeks later, the young man felt better, but multiple injuries – haematoma of the brain, broken ribs, spine – turned out to be incompatible with life. After the death of a loved one, Wahoo became a clairvoyant recluse.

      “The image of the recluse she created long before the tragedy. And we – her family – were forced to support it. But actually Joon loved his family. My children and grandchildren constantly visiting her, ” recalls niece. – When I was a child, her arrival was the occasion. Remember, I was 6 years old, was awakened by a noise in the house. Went out to the kitchen, and there is Djuna, and all the relatives gathered around her. She always fell as snow on the head. They brought gifts, sweets, clothes.”
      Неизвестная дочь целительницы Джуны: «Я бежала за ней и кричала: «Мамочка, вернись!»

      A helping hand

      In those days, when a celebrity dropping in Urmia, near the door of her apartment was a queue of sufferers.

      – We met in high school. Although I could not even think that it will save our family, ” admits Faith Georgieva. – In 1988, my daughter is very sick. Not sure how that would have turned out if not for Joon, through which we were able to travel to Hungary – only there the doctors were able to help us. She is fully sponsored trip, saved my girl.

      The villagers with a smile and remember a time when I was a little clairvoyant.

      – My mom studied with Eugene (real name Eugene healer. – Approx. “StarHit”), – says Olga, an employee of the 27 th school, a graduate of which was June. – School years fell in the postwar period: raged a terrible famine. So, they during the recess ran home to eat. That his wife’s parents were very generous. Despite the need, Anna baked delicious oatmeal pancakes. And how good was dad juna! Helped many to survive then will fix somebody’s roof, it will bring water from the well. The whole family enjoyed great prestige. She and Jack were helpful, the offense didn’t give anyone, even the boys were fighting. We all called it “our spot”. And when she first had married a local boy’s Assyrian Lenya, – two of our men accompanied the army, was crying.

      The exhibits of the future Museum juna save from looting

      In native village of juna, a total of five streets, each of them holds the secrets of the Queen of the Assyrian people. One of them is age. According to official data, the woman was 65. In recognition of relatives – 80. What number was listed in the passport, we can only guess. A month before her death, she tore up the document, allegedly caused by mistakes in the spelling of the patronymic. But, as they say surrounded by the healer, she was just afraid that someone will be able to forge her name will.

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