Университетской клинике г. Фрайбурга – 250 лет

Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract at the University clinic in Freiburg proved the high effectiveness, determined by the use of precision diagnostics, minimally invasive surgery, and individual therapeutic programs.

Department of gastroenterology, University medical center Freiburg takes to pass diagnostics and treatment of patients from different countries of the world. In respect of all types of functional, infectious, systemic pathologies developed individual therapeutic programs.

Chronic pancreatitis is difficult to treat, often being the cause of death. Inflammatory disease of the pancreas, caused by violation of the outflow mechanism of the digestive juice in the 12-duodenum, leading eventually to the destruction of the tissues of the gland and passing close on the blood vessels.

With high speed in the affected area develop infectious processes formed extensive foci of inflammation. Pain in acute pancreatitis becomes so intense that the patient may lose consciousness or experience a painful shock.

The risk of getting the disease especially great for those who prefer oily, canned and fried foods, fizzy drinks, abuses alcohol, and has a genetic predisposition. Unfortunately, to restore the destroyed prostate tissue is impossible, but to stop the progress of pancreatitis, eliminate the pain and unpleasant symptoms is possible.

Pancreatitis in the University hospital of Freiburg are treated comprehensively, using methods analgesic, anti-inflammatory therapy and means of compensation of functional insufficiency. Pancreatitis treatment in Germany will be more successful, the sooner a patient seeks the assistance of German experts.

In the treatment of advanced disease the patient is assigned antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for systemic effects, epidural anesthesia or blockade of the sympathetic nerve node.

Drugs with pancreatic enzymes prescribed to correct enzyme deficiency, proton pump inhibitors to decrease acidity level of the stomach.

A mandatory condition that determines the success of treatment – diet low in fat. The effect of therapy is enhanced by the appointment of a vitamin complex, containing vitamins A, D, E, K.

Surgery involving partial resection of the organ that is prescribed in severe cases, with extensive tissue necrosis. To remove toxins formed as a result of the disintegration of the tissues of the pancreas, carried out the surgical installation of drainage.

Gastroenterologists at the University clinic of Freiburg is doing a good , detailed treatment scheme reliably eliminate pain and unpleasant symptoms. At the end of treatment course, the doctor gives detailed guidance on compliance with the rules of nutrition and physical activity. Life with acquired pancreatitis can be quite comfortable with strict adherence.

At the University clinic in Freiburg successfully treat diseases of the digestive system, taking the citizens of all countries of the world.The IMS centre is holding consultations via the Internet with patients planning to undergo treatment for gastritis in Germany and gastroduodenitis, cholecystitis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer and other digestive pathologies.

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University hospital, Freiburg (ger. Universitätsklinikum
Freiburg), created over 250 years ago on the basis of the oldest University in Germany, is among the three largest medical centers in the country. In profile
offices employ highly qualified specialists, doctors of Sciences, scientists from around the world. At the institution a Center of international medical services (IMS), provides comprehensive assistance to international patients who plan to undergo diagnosis or treatment in Germany.

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