Unharmed: police found the missing Sinead O’connor

Цела и невредима: полиция нашла пропавшую Шинейд О’Коннор

Last night the Western media reported the disappearance of Sinead O’connor. Today it became known that the Irish singer was found alive and unharmed.

Police found a celebrity in the American suburb of Wilmette, which is located 25 miles from Chicago, where he currently resides artist.

In the report of the law enforcement officials did not say where exactly was O’connor in the last days. Also not reported about her psychological condition, but it is known that Sinead was rushed to hospital.

We will remind, about the disappearance of the singer, said her relatives. According to the press, O’connor went on a bike ride around six in the morning on Sunday and did not return. The police had reason to believe that the star intends to make another suicide attempt.

Цела и невредима: полиция нашла пропавшую Шинейд О’Коннор
Sinead O’connor

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