Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной “StarHit” recalls star couple that never made it to the altar. Beautiful alliances break up for different reasons, and in all cases scandalous breakups have caused a storm of interest among fans.
Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

A wedding is always a joyous and memorable event. If we are talking about weddings of the stars, the celebration was originally confined too much attention. Fans are watching to see who is invited to a party, what dress the bride chooses, and where the lovers gather to celebrate their love.

However, sometimes, elegant wedding in the end and remains a dream. “StarHit” remembered the brightest stars of the parting that took place literally on the steps of the registry office.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

At the end of 2014 Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova said that they have a born child. Soon the boy, who was named Daniel, was born. It seemed that the couple remains as strong as ever. The singer was preparing for the wedding, but had some doubts about fatherhood.

That is why in 2016, he decided to undergo a DNA test. The results of the study, stated in the Studio program “Let them talk”, stunned all the fans of the artist. As it turned out, Prokhorov was not the boy’s father. Immediately after the ugly truth was revealed, there were rumors about the cancellation of star of the wedding.

“On the one hand, I have some feelings for Anna. But I don’t want to marry a woman who lied to me! Please give me some time so I could comprehend everything that happened” – spoke then the singer about the scandalous situation.

In the end, elegant wedding for several hundred guests did not take place. After a few airs Anna has fallen in popularity. Now a young woman working as a model, build a musical career. The scandalous situation has affected the relationship with Chaliapin Kalashnikova, and now the stars almost do not communicate.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

About the relations between the well-known acting dynasties, it became known in the summer of 2017. In the program “the Secret to a million” Maria Golubkina admitted that they no longer alone. The Studio came her lover Boris Livanov, confirming their serious intentions.

The lovers were planning to get married and to be married, but chic wedding with a lot of star guests did not take place. In autumn there were rumors about the breakup of Maria and Boris. The couple later confirmed the cancellation of the ceremony. Despite the gap, Golubkina and Livanov periodically seen together.

In a rare interview, the actress admitted that they’re both very complicated characters. Because of the constant quarrels of lovers difficult to get along, and there are regular spats. Despite the fact that the wedding of Maria and Boris were postponed indefinitely, their fans continue to believe in a miracle. Moreover, new year’s eve movie stars spent together.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

The news about the forthcoming wedding of Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva was a complete surprise for fans of the stars. The fact that the singer long enough to meet Sophia Kolcevoy and even going to marry her.

Later the Basque admitted that during the joint work with lopyrevoy at corporate he suddenly realized that in love. After a brief honeymoon period, the stars decided to get married.

The wedding was scheduled for 5 October. Victoria told me that she chose an expensive dress from Lebanese fashion designer, and Nicholas had intended to invite to the Banquet all Moscow Beau Monde. However, in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” revealed that the wedding of the year and will not take place. This was reported by the mother Golden voice of Russia.

“When I called Nicholas, I felt a crazy joy. I took the news as a welcome. I understand that the son is ready to start a family. But then I was told the date. October 5 in our family remembrance day Victoria understood the situation. At the moment we are talking about moving the date of the wedding. I like Vika, I love your son very much… I wish they looked closer to each other,” said the mother of the artist Elena.

Still unknown, will there be a starry wedding at all. Nikolay Baskov was assured that the celebration is sure to be organized, and perhaps even will be broadcast live on one of the channels. However, stars rarely spread combines photos, fans are losing hope for a happy ending in this story.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

In March 2017, Andrey Chuev has made a serious decision about leaving the project “Dom-2”. The man hoped that his lover Marina Afrikantov follow him, because they were going to get married in the near future. However, the girl chose the telestroke and not the relationship.

Later, Marina told me that Andrew took her act as a betrayal. He wrote to her threatening texts, wanting to return to the project to revenge the ex-beloved. In the end, the hopes of the fans on the reunion of the pair was broken.

Chuev soon found a new lover. After a few months he married a charming brunette, confessing that he found it all so long dreamed of. Afrikantov also long mourned in loneliness. She began Dating 19-year-old Roman Kapakli. Apparently, the gap went both good, because they were able to find happiness in a new relationship.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

Ex-participant of TV project “House-2” also faced a breakup before the wedding. Anton Korotkov proposed to his sweetheart in July 2015, and the status of bride Alena took place more than a year.

She repeatedly told of arguments with mate, but noted that incredibly loves him, so will marry. And that’s when the preparations for the ceremony were in full swing, came the news about the breakup of the star couple.

“I made a mistake. What I’m tired of the stupidity, emptiness, and jealousy of my independence, I said. Even more amazing that I did not expect to pass this man some copper pipe. I was willing to put up with the endless checks of my phone, the tantrums and frustrations, quarrels, mood swings and unwillingness to grow. And I was looking for a solution. In the end, I realized that my choice fell on the man, not ready to lead nor to go hand in hand, nor to follow a woman, even if she is more successful than you” – said Alena in a social network.

Despite the bad breakup, the young woman did not lose hope again to find happiness. And in may 2017 appeared the first rumors about the novel Alena and famous DJ Alexey Cosine. Before you start Dating, the lovers were friends for many years.

Some months later there was a wedding Vodonaevoy. The ceremony was attended by only the couple who chose an unusual Gothic imagery. Now the presenter does not get tired to confess his love to his chosen one.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

In may 2015, Svetlana Khodchenkova received a proposal of marriage from her longtime lover George Petrishina. The young man gave his beloved a ring immediately after the performance in front of astonished spectators. Until the engagement, celebrity couple dated for four years.

Svetlana actively preparing for the wedding, but a month before she decided to cancel the ceremony. This “StarHit” said a friend of the actress.

“Guys, sorry, busted up, unable to endure the old argument that says “StarHit” friend pair Anna. 21 January Light celebrated 33rd birthday, but the ex-bridegroom at the feast was not, but girl-friends, one after another wanted her to find love and happiness.”

Now Khodchenkova prefers not to dwell on the subject of personal life. Recently, the actress was again seen near George by Patriliny. Together they went to Bali and looked incredibly happy.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

In 2016 Dana Borisova and Alexander Morozov seemed almost the most happy pair of domestic show-business. Lovers often appeared together in restaurants and at social events. It was rumoured that the TV presenter is about to get married, but the long-awaited ceremony did not take place.

Later, the young woman admitted that she was offered to work in Hollywood, and the chosen one was against a long work trip This. Choosing between career and love, Borisov gave preference to shooting.

“Sasha made me choose between our relationship and career. At this juncture I’m almost from the beginning of his television activities. I worked very hard, and therefore quite in adulthood, and gave birth to a very later married. And here again I faced with the choice,” – said Borisov.

However, after a few months it became clear that the presenter is suffering from drug addiction. Some fans of This suggested that it was because of problems with illicit drugs and upset her relationship with Morozov. Anyway, now the star is concerned about restoring their own health and fight for custody of her daughter. About my personal life Borisov prefers not to talk.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

The news that star Comedy Woman gets married, appeared in January 2017. When Catherine admitted that the chosen one made her an offer and she said Yes. Fans were delighted, because Barnabas and Myakinkov met for three years and, in their opinion, has long been ready to move to a new level of relations.

However, the actress is reluctant to share details of wedding preparation. Some media reported that the lovers are married in the summer of 2017, but it never happened.

Now in an interview with Barnabas reluctantly discussing matters concerning the wedding. However, the lovers continue to meet. They sometimes publish a joint photo, but fans are sure that it will sooner or later reach the official registration of relations.


Несчастливы вместе: почему сорвались свадьбы Калашниковой, Баскова и Голубкиной

Yulianna Karaulova and her boyfriend have been Dating for four years. However, the proposal of a young man, which he did at the end of 2016, it still came as a surprise to the singer. Then the artist said Yes and the wedding was scheduled for spring 2017.

Celebrity couple spoke about how he was going to organize a ceremony in the mountains of Georgia, but in the end, the festival did not take place. Later Julianna explained by the fact that the preparations took too much effort and required the solution of a huge number of questions. Lovers have realized that I will not be able to organize a celebration of dreams, so we postponed it for an indefinite period.

Then immediately there were rumors about the breakup Karaulova and Black. Lovers themselves have denied this information. Their Instagram frequently appear in photos together. In the words of Julianna, the ceremony would be held but only when in the busy schedule of the actress will have a lot of time for organizing and thinking through all the nuances.


Peter Fedorov and Anastasia Ivanova met more than ten years. Lovers and then talked about marriage, talking about a future together. In 2017 the man even purchased a plot of land outside the city, planning to arrange family nest.

Soon, however, the actor suddenly broke up with the girl. Fedorov does not like to spread about his personal life, so fans can only guess why split up such a beautiful Union.

The man was briefly alone. In February 2018, he posted a picture together with model Anna Sokolova. The lovers were together in Sri Lanka did not hide their feelings. The fans hope that at least this novel artist will end with a wedding.