Несчастные в браке люди становятся занудами

It seems that scientists have finally managed to figure out where are the sad people. They are those who are unhappy in marriage.

Bores are not born, they develop, and not without the help of third parties. To such conclusion scientists, who for 11 years studied the effects of unhappy marriage on people.

So, the study was attended by both couples, and those who are not in a relationship. Each of them measured the level of happiness. Apparently, come up with some happy scales or application for this purpose (here the light of science did not specify). And the results showed that only those who have a level of happiness above average, able to positively influence others.

Poor people in life, which often featured domestic disputes, scandals and other problems, it is not able to have fun, and especially to lift the mood of someone else. They become neurotics and nerds. And the worst thing is to be one!

If before marriage you were just a hothead, getting into any adventures, and laughed heartily at the jokes in comedies, due to unfavorable family conditions all the daring escapes. The conclusion is clear… Someone in your friends abruptly stopped to be smiling? The reason for that, most likely, problems in the family.

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