Досадная ситуация с Микой Ньютон

Famous Ukrainian singer Mika Newton have long since left home and lives here for more than eight years in the United States. Already distant 2011, the year she won an overseas audience and return to their homeland not even going. Although a visit to their places of origin was solved.

Досадная ситуация с Микой Ньютон

As we all remember well, the popularity of the girl brought the song “White horse” which was the soundtrack to the film “Cadets”. The singer has made every effort to gain the same fame in Hollywood — to have seen her. But instead, the fate of the girl has prepared something completely different — the real love. As shared the girl love she met in the supermarket. After a long four and a half years of inspections for aging Chris invited Mika to marry him.

At the end of the 2018 year, all next-of-kin and friends of the singer have gone to the USA to celebrate their wedding celebration. But sister Lily at the wedding was not — she was denied a visa at the Consulate!! With tears in his eyes held her with a tender day in your life. The singer was very sad and sorry for this unfortunate misunderstanding.

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