Неожиданный скандал в британском королевском семействе!
Wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in jeopardy.

Неожиданный скандал в британском королевском семействе!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Grandson of the Queen and his fiancee in a panic: they budgeted for
the minute the wedding, which was scheduled for next Saturday, may 19, may not take place. In less than a week before
wedding father of Meghan Markle announced
his refusal meant he the most important role. Thomas said that not
will be able to get the little girl to the altar!

The news was a “bombshell” — no one expected what
can happen.
Harry and his bride took the news so seriously that even felt the need to do about the official
a statement to stop all the rumors generated by the decision of father of the bride. “It
extremely personal and very difficult time for Ms. Markle in the days
prior to the wedding. We ask you to show respect and sympathy to the bride and
to distribute it in this difficult situation and Mr. Markle!” this is the text of
appeared on the website of Kensington Palace.

Thomas Markle


As Harry and Megan will now come out of this situation is unclear, but they were so happy that we were able to convince Thomas,who leads a reclusive lifestyle and lives in Mexico, to come to London for his daughter’s wedding. Just a couple of weeks before the wedding there was an unpleasant story: in the press there appeared a series of shots of Thomas taken by the paparazzi. Later, rumors spread that these photos are ordered himself the father of the bride, and even asked for the right of publication a lot of money. Thomas, who is deeply affected by these rumors, suffered a mild heart attack. He had been discharged from the hospital, but he again became ill. And Mr. Markle said, which again has to go to the hospital and the wedding could not come…

Now Megan and her fiance have to make a difficult decision: who will lead the bride to the altar. Before Thomas gave his initial consent, the Prince and his bride discussed two nominations for his role in the ceremony: mother of Megan — Doria of Ragland or Prince William, brother of the groom. However, during the discussion, it was agreed that both options would be too obvious a violation of the traditions. Of course, there’s also a third option — to postpone the wedding until, like Thomas better. But the wedding planning is almost complete! Ready bridesmaid dress, sent out all the invitations, selected the musicians who will entertain guests, decorated room, ordered flowers and cake for Bridal, approved the menu for the festive table. Besides, who knows how long it will take to recovery of the father of the bride.