Неожиданные участники «Голоса»: Катя Гордон, внук Луи Армстронга и Согдиана
On the First channel started shooting anniversary season of the popular show.

Неожиданные участники «Голоса»: Катя Гордон, внук Луи Армстронга и Согдиана

Leonid Agutin, Filipp Kirkorov, Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan

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This weekend was held the shooting of the qualifying round of the popular
the show “the Voice” on channel one. The fifth anniversary season of the project
was marked by several interesting events.

Leonid Agutin sat in the chair of Alexander Gradsky. Last
unfortunately, fans of the show will not see as a mentor. Last year
Alexander barely managed to persuade not to leave potential players, but in
this city showed admirable perseverance, explaining the incredible

But when the offer to once again become a vocal coach
artists came to Leonid Agutin, he did not hesitate a single minute.

As a result, the seat occupied Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan,
Leonid Agutin and Grigory Leps.

To appear before the high judges came not only
unknown singers, but the stars. For example, to try their hand at the project
decided Kate Gordon. The TV host sang his hit “Choose heaven”, which
she wrote last year for Ani Lorak. The song quickly became a blockbuster
and received the prestigious award “Golden gramophone”.

Came to try their hand and Sogdiana. However, successfully
after casting, the singer suddenly unexpectedly refused to participate in the project
“for family reasons”.

To tell in detail what happened in her life
that Sogdiana decided not to use the chance to become one of the participants popular
show, the star did not. But some
gossips immediately assumed that the singer is expecting a child.

The most interesting participant was the grandson of the famous Louis
Armstrong Charlie. “Louis imitates. The voice is very similar,” — whispered
between the coaches during the blind auditions. When the chair
turned around and the group saw who was singing in front of them, they are unable
to hold back emotions. Join Charlie the ranks of the artists of “the Voice” viewers
will be able to see in the fall.

Charlie Armstrong

Photo: Instagram

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