Unexpected details of the failed marriage of aniston and Theroux

Неожиданные подробности рухнувшего брака Энистон и Теру
The spouses did not live together after the wedding.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Until recently, Jennifer aniston managed
quite successfully to maintain the appearance of his supposedly happy marriage. However
after the announcement of the decision of a couple to break up, began to “float” unexpected details. Appeared to start,
Jennifer and Justin Theroux , it seems, did not bother to formalize their relationship
by all the rules, and were not formally married. And now it turned out that even those
more than two years that aniston and Theroux had lived as spouses (regardless of,
was their marriage official, or civilian), was not a family idyll.

That Justin and Jennifer were two,
it was believed, shared and permanent “home” – apartment in new York and a mansion in Bel Air (Los Angeles),
it was known long ago. But until recently, few people knew that the couple almost no
lived together. Theroux for almost the entire year spent in new York, while aniston is in California. Little
even when Justin briefly came to Bel Air, he could
many days not to see Jennifer. The fact that by the will of its legitimate owner Jennifer aniston
the mansion was divided into two isolated wings, and Jennifer settled in
one of them, and Justin in another.

Among other things, the restructuring belonging to it
home actress started immediately after the wedding party. Apparently, she’s already
then understand that you will not be able to live with Justin. They couldn’t even
agree on the interior of the house. As told by designer Steven Shadle hired to
the implementation of the restructuring of the mansion, he found himself “between two fires”,
because tastes Theroux and aniston disagreed strongly throughout. After a long
disputes mansion rasaili divided into two independent parts, each of which was
arranged in accordance with the tastes of each spouse.

In the end, each of the two inhabitants of the house
had their own bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even separate entrances and two
different garage. However, if Justin has filled his extensive personal collection garage
motorcycles and cars, Jennifer razgorodit
your two parts, and most took to the dressing room, where she kept the outfits, handbags
and shoes…

However, even a “compromise” device
the house is not helped Theroux and aniston to keep the family together. Justin more time living
in his new York apartment, where he had fun with new friends and
friends and Jennifer appeared infrequently. And, ultimately, the couple decided
that support on almost a sham marriage just pointless.