Неожиданные и неизвестные подробности жизни Олега Табакова After the death of the actor, many share memories of him. Oleg Tabakov became at the age of 82 years. For long time fans were hoping that his body will cope with illness, and he will take it back to the stage.

March 12, died a famous actor, Director and head of the Chekhov Moscow art theater and the famous “Snuff” Oleg Tabakov. For a little over three months he was in hospital, but doctors could not save his life. According to preliminary data, the actor died of a heart attack.

Many people can not believe in the death of a celebrity and share memories about him. Some publications publish for various reasons not published, reneee interviews. Now fans I enjoy reading everything related to the life and work of the actor. “StarHit” made a selection of the most interesting statements and characteristics of Oleg Tabakov.

Last year, information appeared that the famous actor has entrusted to 677 million rubles unreliable Bank, whose leaders are wanted for financial fraud. However, as it turned out, this is not the first case when tobacco was losing huge amounts of money. He talked about the impact of the reforms started under Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov in the Soviet era. A suspect in the theft of hundreds of millions Tabakov have detained in Riga

“You know how much money I have gone, when ruined our savings, Prime Minister Pavlov? Do you know how many “Volga” then cost? 10 thousand. I have lost 15 “VOLG” and the owner, pending the education of my granddaughter Pauline. And I didn’t take a penny of compensation. From the protest. Rob was many people with much less wealth than me. And to accept that I could not”, – said Oleg Pavlovich.

The legendary actor was grateful people for all the good that was once in his life. Many colleagues and subordinates noted his boundless kindness and care. He tried to help everyone he could. The chief administrator of the Moscow art theatre, Valentina Ivanova said that Oleg Pavlovich donated money for the construction of the temple.

Oleg Tabakov: the brightest moments of the life and work

Tobacco tried to find a way out of any situation. The curator of the Museum of history of Ekaterinburg Sergey Skrobov remembered that when the actor on the set of lost wedding ring, we specifically went for new in another city.

Also he treated with humor to some situations.

“In 1993, Gregory of Constantinople, we filmed a video for the song “don’t worry!” Filmed at the Moscow art Theater. Night. In the dressing room, where we settled in, changing costumes, entered Oleg Pavlovich (it was his giabra).

– What’s going on here?

– “The secret” music video shoot…

– Survived *** [damn it]! – Turned and left.

He was always a good sense of humor,” recalled Andrew zabludovsky from the group “Secret”.

Many journalists loved to work with Oleg Pavlovich. Despite his fame, he was respectful to all. Journalist and teacher of Alexander Milkus social sharing sharing your story exploring the mater. He was surprised that the artist was not late, and appeared at exactly the appointed time and in advance stipulated, how long could their conversation.

“I remember exactly what followed the conversation, planted questions, and he wondered: how could this be? I already knew that tobacco arrived from the airport. Straight from Warsaw. That is obviously got up early in the morning. How he was able to a minute to calculate the time? As he cheerfully kept after a sleepless night and flights? Why is it so benevolent and tear on the guest in a bad mood (such artistic folk I’ve seen a lot)?” – remembered Explorer.

Tobacco constantly expand your horizons and without special training can talk on any topic. In the mid-90s he was on the gymnastics competitions. Correspondent and commentator Vasily Solovyov came to interview him and was surprised that the conversation was incredibly exciting.

“In short, we pulled out of Oleg Pavlovich with a completely stupid question: “What are you doing here?” and at the exit interview that last week Anna Dmitrieva built almost the entire issue of “this sporting life”. Tobacco calmly, without preparation, just started talking about sports. Interesting, but at the same time, ordinary somehow, like we are every day with him talking,” – said the sports commentator.

Many theatergoers and fans of Oleg Tabakov was discouraged by the choice of the performance that he decided to put in the Mat to his 80-th birthday. The plot of the benefit, “the Anniversary of jeweler”, the main character is constantly in a wheelchair. The story tells of a man of old age who understands your limits, so quietly and with dignity looks to the future. Oleg Pavlovich so authentically played a role that some have even shown concern about the health status of the beloved actor.

The article used quotes from Newspapers “Izvestia” and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.