Дублер Милы Йолович подала в суд

Hollywood stunt woman Olivia Jackson recently sued the makers of the movie “Resident evil: the final Chapter”. She worked as a stuntman and stand-in Mila Yolovich, at the time of the shooting was injured and, as a consequence, lost an arm.

Дублер Милы Йолович подала в суд

The incident occurred in 2015 in South Africa, there was filming an episode of the legendary film. Olivia says that by agreement she was to participate in the fight scene, but at the last moment it was transplanted to the motorcycle.

As planned by the writers Olivia Jackson was supposed to go at high speed on the highway, straight at the camera, which at the last moment, were obliged to raise by means of a cable. For technical reasons this did not happen and the girl, respectively, entered in the equipment at full speed. Stuntwoman delivered to the clique, where the doctors decided to put her in a medically induced coma and operated on. During a dangerous mission, and Olivia was left without one hand.

The victim claims that medical insurance covered her expenses in the amount of 33 thousand dollars, and the creators of the film paid only 990 dollars. According to Olivia, the producers promised to pay for all the treatment and help with any questions, but deceived her. This behavior forced the girl to go to court.

Olivia Jackson announced that he would seek compensation, which will allow her to take care of yourself the rest of your life and cover all the expensive treatment.

It should be noted that since the injury took a lot of time and also the victim there is no supporting information regarding injuries sustained at the time of filming “Resident evil”.

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