Undergoing surgery Thank experiencing because of the shape

Перенесшая операцию Слава переживает из-за фигуры
The doctors discharged her home.

Singer Slava

Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram of the singer of Glory

But can breathe a sigh of relief that the worst seems to be behind us. The singer recently had surgery on my left ear. Now the actress is much better and she is at home with family and close friends who in support of force-feed her sweets. As a result of such concerns the Glory started to gain weight.

“The main thing now is to get into concert dress!” — said the singer. By the way, the next concerts of the star had to cancel, but very soon she will return to their tour. So the opportunity to relax in terms of diet Fame, unfortunately, do not.

We will remind that on his diagnosis, the singer decided not to extend. However, she said the disease appeared to be much “more than just an ear infection”. The singer threatened even a complete hearing loss in the left ear, which she was very worried. After all, the singer’s hearing is particularly valuable “tool”, which her career could be over. About how the operation went and if the doctors managed to save her from partial deafness, the singer has not yet gone into the detail.