Under the thumb: what Agutin asks for forgiveness from his wife and why please Presnyakov Podolsky

Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской Kirill Andreev wife makes to change and the wife of Boris Shcherbakov doesn’t let him out of the house. Many artists to work quite harsh and demanding, but once they cross the threshold of the house, they immediately become affectionate and docile. “StarHit” found the most obedient of husbands among Russian celebrities.

      Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской

      Leonid Agutin always apologizes to his wife

      Next year’s mentor show “the Voice” and his wife Angelica Varum will celebrate the 20th anniversary of family life. Leonid admits that he prefers to consult with the second half, even if we are talking about the gift on her birthday.

      “Angelica, we have the head of the family, shared in an interview, 48-year-old Simon. – She is a family financier and the propulsion system. Yes, I am henpecked, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The wife gently put me on the chain, and I have it on good afraid.” Why the singer has such a docile nature, explained his father.

      “Leon adores his wife, – said Nikolai Petrovich “StarHit”. – Of course, at the plate he’s not worth it, don’t wash the floors, and fawn, to bend is not about the son. Over the years spent together, they with Angelica is so fused that it is without it – not one step. In their house I never heard a scream, even if someone is dissatisfied with something, decide a conversation, a scene. 20 years is a long time, especially Leon and Angelica always there not only at home but also at work. Therefore, if the son was not so flexible and wise as to know were they together? Son is very proud, it is difficult for him to admit his guilt, but his wife always apologizes if wrong. And Angelica never for a long time, sulking, always say, well, I’m sorry, I got excited. So we live…”

      The father of the musician said that proceedings in a pair of Leonid and Angelica often occur because of the rumors. “Sometimes the daughter-in-law someone has something to say about Lenya bad and misbehaved, – continues Nikolai. The son always adequately reacts to it, calmly explains what’s what. Angelica cools very quickly, saying that I’m sorry I showered you with complaints, do not understand the situation. Even though they are people and the famous, difficult to get used to when about you all the time gossiping”.

      Pavel Volya was henpecked on the advice of Vladimir Turchinsky

      Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской

      Resident of Comedy Club never hid the fact that his family is a matriarchy. The comedian is married to a gymnast Laysan Utyasheva, the couple has a three year old son Robert and her daughter Sofia. Paul says that following the advice of the late friend of Vladimir Turchinsky.

      “I have heard from him a great thing that should be the credo of all men: “in order to assert itself, there is the rest of the world. In the family you can’t do never,” admitted one day Will reporters. – Therefore, entering the house, I prefer to be kind and gentle, henpecked. Wife and children – not those with whom to fight.”

      Always ready to be sarcastic during performances, a 37-year-old Will affects touching letters to his wife in social networks: “My little girl, today is your birthday. The numbers on the cake say that you became an adult, but you do not believe them. Yeah, you a Queen, a diva, a woman, a mother, but it was a girl.”

      Kirill Andreev does not prevent his wife to educate his son

      Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской

      The matrimonial experience of the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” – 18 years. The singer and his wife Lolita teenage son Cyril. “In matters of education I have complete faith in Lola, – said Andreev “StarHit”. Even if he would have done differently, just say nothing: sure, she’s better at it”. The singer trusts his wife, and clothing choices.

      Wife of Cyril Andreev has commented on the rumors about his infidelity

      “Everything for me basically buys Lola, continues Cyril. – And what to wear, too, says she. Sometimes we go away, the doors favorite skeptical looks at me: “No, still need to change my shirt”. Always listen – she knows better. But always be flexible not, the wife gets used to the good. I resist, sometimes I give back. For example, under any pretext not to miss a hockey practice – even if Lola would insist”.

      Alexander Shirvindt unsuccessfully teaches his wife to cook soup

      Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской

      Actor and Director Alexander Shirvindt 82 years, 59 of them he is happily married to wife Natalia – the couple have a son Michael, grandson Andrew, granddaughter of Alexander and two great-granddaughters, Anastasia and Ella.

      “The Pope is inferior to the mother in everything, – says Mikhail “StarHit”. – But supply will not be called until the last resists. However, nobody responds. My father always has his own point of view – how to cook the soup, clean your room, what color to buy a sofa. But if it’s contrary to the plans of a mother, she gently makes it so that it changes opinion. Everything happens without quarrels and resentment. I look at it and think: “he Knew how to be I ruled the world”. The mother is the main in the house. I think if a father is to say that the products do not themselves appear on the table, buy them in the store, he was very surprised. That you have to pay for electricity and water, I suspect dad didn’t know either… Khrushchev promised to the 1980’s communism, and my father is convinced that it took place”.

      “Gene henpecked” Vladimir Presnyakov inherited from his father

      Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской

      In recognition of Vladimir Presnyakov-senior in the family are constant disputes, who is the most obedient husband, father or son.

      “We are both proud to wear the title henpecked, – says Vladimir Petrovich. – I indulge in all my wife and Volodya went in my footsteps. When he and Natasha had built a country house, son my two cents, not inserted – ran the daughter-in-law. Even if Vova wanted on the walls were beige Wallpaper he didn’t say a word when she chose green. Sometimes, guys are going on vacation, and Natasha is to declare: “Went to Spain” as Dylan approaches her, kissing her, “And how did you know? I also have to want!” Although for example, I know that he is in Honduras wants to go”.

      Despite the soft character Vladimir said that he got educated spouse. “I allow her everything, but I’m glad she goes too far and does not command me,” admits 48-year-old singer.

      Natalia Podolskaya: “After the hysteria Vova said change the tickets. Fly to son”

      The second half of Eugene Dyatlov enjoys his phone

      Под каблуком: за что Агутин просит прощения у жены и почему Пресняков угождает Подольской

      Wife of Eugene Dyatlov, the actress Julia Germanova, – part-time it assistant to work. It solves administrative matters related to the Affairs of the spouse is the plan of filming and interviews. Eugene is so trusted favorite that even allow you to look at your phone.

      “However, nothing criminal there I never found, – says Julia “StarHit”. Machine Genis always in sight, is in the public domain: take it. Such trust is very captivating. Sometimes answer his calls”. Julia notes that the reason my husband jokingly calls himself a pussy. “Sometimes he is too lazy to get out of the house, – says the actress. But my daughter Vasilisa so want to walk that we begin to beg him, “Daddy, please!” And dogs lick, also on the street asked… Jack sighs, but puts on: “Well, for your sake…”

      We semiannually sure I go to sea, although I know my husband would love to lay on the couch the entire vacation. But to please their girls, which takes us to the South. And yet there are matters in which the husband is the main one. For example, it is he who decides what books we should read and movies to watch. Jack, we are even books read aloud – in medicine and psychology.”

      Boris Shcherbakov spouse does not allow you to walk the dog

      The actor married 43 years ago, in an interview with wife Tatiana talked about the many adventures of handsome husband… But today Boris admits: for him there is nobody, except his wife.

      “Yield to her in everything, said 66-year-old Shcherbakov “StarHit”. – I am completely in her power. What say you, then do it. For example, I want night football to look, and Tanya has already taken place at the screen – watching the series. Not tugging her: why I’m in this football not seen? Or, sometimes, pulling me to the cottage to go, but the wife is not eager to be in nature. Stay in town In the evenings, favorite sometimes catches me in the hallway when I’m going to go walk the dog. Will not go, he says, and then I know you’ll go to some café and have a drink. And now I’m off my shoes, and my wife she goes with the dog on the street”.