Unclear situation with the “Eurovision” has caused a lot of noise

Непонятная ситуация с "Евровидением" вызвало много шума
Yesterday, the network appeared information about the fact that Yulia Samoilova will not be able to represent Russia at the contest “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine.

Непонятная ситуация с "Евровидением" вызвало много шума

The girl was denied entry into the country for three years.

Many such decision angered in support Samoilova speak of the star and her fans.

The other day Julia decided to discuss this situation in the First channel.

“All this is very funny to watch from the sidelines because I don’t understand what there is in me such a saw. In me, in such a small girl, saw any threat. I, by and large, do not worry. I do, I somehow think that everyone else will change”, – shared the artist.

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