“Unbelievable!” Stars shocked by the news of the death of Dmitry Marjanova

«Невозможно поверить!» Звезды в шоке от известий о кончине Дмитрия Марьянова
Fellow artists refuse to believe what happened.

«Невозможно поверить!» Звезды в шоке от известий о кончине Дмитрия Марьянова

Dmitry Maryanov

Photo: still from the film “radio Day”

The unexpected death of Dmitry Marjanova was a shock to all his fans, friends and colleagues to the scene. Actor died yesterday at 19.30. According to unconfirmed version, the actor died as a result of loose blood clot. Today social networks are flooded publications with words of sorrow and condolences to the family Maryanova.

The stars have to say about Dmitry solely as a Sunny person and just refuse to believe that he’s gone. “Well, why? How much of the light of sincerity and talent. Charm enough for ten! Why does the er today had a lot of calls? It is only in our country, so unable to answer the call? — angry Lolita. Or there is this “medicine” somewhere? Condolences to the family and loved ones! We, the fans, unbearably sad! Before!”

“Dima, boy, bright soul, where are you now? Where’s everyone going where?” the tragedy forced Alla Pugacheva to think about the eternal.

Dima Fly!!! Pierced by the current bad news….

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“Dima… Do not believe! How so?” — experiencing the incident Anna Snatkina. “Dmitry Maryanov. Rainbow. Light, bright, talented… Eternal memory!” — says Olesya Sudzilovskaya.

Supported the family Maryanova, wife Xenia and daughter, Anfisa, and Emmanuel Vitorgan. “Can’t believe it! Ksyushenka, Antishock, dear, but we are all happy in the evening your good news and here is a mountain! Many people call us. We are with you, hang in there, dear!” — writes Emmanuel gedeonovich.

Lyubov Tolkalina, Dmitry Maryanov

Photo: @Instagram tolkalinaliuba love Tolkalina

Hard going through the news of the death Maranova his colleague on the series “the private life of investigator Saveliev,” the Love Tolkalina. During filming, she became good friends with the actor.

Dima.. how is it? This first time I saw you.. Czech Republic, filming “the Countess de Cloverfield” was Shot.. fun and excitement.. Saw then rarely , but always with mutual delight.. Kind, joyful, with a smile, open and naughty ..#dimamarina

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“In 1992, I saw on the stage of Lenkom theatre, Dmitry Marjanova and told myself that I was an actress, Yes I was 18 years old and this man, with his energy and his talent gave me the confidence that I will be able to arrive in theatrical Institute, — says Natalia Antonova. — I was not familiar with Dima… 20 years Later, we met with Dima on the set, as partners, in 2017, we had 2 days to film and I so wanted to tell Dima thank you very much… Shy, thought to me the person that I’ll let the artist work… So sad that I didn’t tell, so sad… Dima, thank you,thank you! The Kingdom of heaven and blessed memory!”