Uma Thurman was raped in childhood

Уму Турман изнасиловали в детстве

The New York Times published an interview in which the actress Uma Thurman told me about the rape, which she has experienced in 16 years. Then the girl just started his career and lived in a small Studio apartment in Manhattan.

Уму Турман изнасиловали в детстве

In one of the clubs Mind met the famous actor who was 20 years her senior. The girl and the man got to talking and decided to go to his house. “I was yelling, “no”, cried, fought back as best they could, but eventually stopped resisting. He told me that the door is still locked and I don’t run from it, but I didn’t even try to check. Remember how I returned home and stood before the mirror and looked at my hands: I was angry that they were not his blood. Such things change you. Or you accept, or, conversely, learn to fight for themselves.”says the Mind.

In an interview Quentin Tarantino admitted that he regrets that so long silent about the crimes of Harvey, talks about Quentin Tarantino, who at first did not believe her story, and the apology Weinstein, who brought her many years later.

Уму Турман изнасиловали в детстве
In the same interview, Thurman talked about working with the Weinstein. After starring in “pulp fiction” in 1994, the producer began to ingratiate himself with the Actresses, making her a lot of compliments. “He could spend hours discussing the material with me, showered with praise, to say that I’m smart. Perhaps this lulled my vigilance.”the beginning of the story Thurman.

The preparatory “work” was a success and even the first questionable incident seemed to Mind not strange. Actress and producer stayed in a Parisian hotel to discuss the script, Weinstein suddenly appeared before a girl in a robe under which was nothing. He decided to take the actress to the sauna. “I wasn’t afraid of him. It seemed to me a sort of eccentric uncle with their quirks and all. So I quietly followed him down the corridor, and we were in the sauna. I’m all in black leather clothing — boots, trousers, jacket, sauna is very hot… anyway, I told him that all this ridiculous, and asked him what we were doing here. He wound up, jumped out and ran away.»

Harvey tried to smooth the blame, sending the actress rose with an apology. He haunted the Mind calls, constantly apologizing and insisting on a personal meeting. Due to the presence of a large number of joint projects, the actress has agreed to meet. She again went to his hotel, while taking a friend just in case. It was assumed that the meeting will be held in the bar, where quite crowded and it is not threatened. But assistants Weinstein persuaded the actress to go up to his room. Thurman could not stand, went to his room and made what he thought: “If you think someone else will do the same thing to me, your career will end. Career, family, reputation — I promise.»

Producer through his representative already made a statement about the history of Minds. Harvey denies the accusations, but apologizes for misconduct and says that their relationship with Uma was “playful, but only workers”.