Ума Турман рассказала всю правду о своих отношениях с Тарантино
The actress impressed fans with his story.

Ума Турман рассказала всю правду о своих отношениях с Тарантино

Uma Thurman


Speaking recently with the prosecution of Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, Uma Thurman decided
to share another shocking story is associated not with the Weinstein and
a friend of his and Quentin Tarantino. Thurman said that once only a miracle
not died because of Quentin, and was sure that he was trying to kill her. But all
thought actress and Director. Moreover, Tarantino once called the Mind
his “Muse»…

This story
happened on the filming of the first part of the cult franchise “Kill bill” where Uma
played a major role. It all started with one of the mechanics who worked on
the site, he informed her that the car in which she had the next day to race on
the road is not quite serviceable. For filming has been redone gearbox
car, and it has become very unreliable in management.

Learning of this, Mind
went to the Director and said to Quentin, that refuses to sit behind the wheel
this machine. And asked Tarantino to replace her in this episode experienced
a stunt woman. But Quentin did not bother to meet Mind. He began to convince
her that there is no danger, the road is straight and good, and to go will need
only at the speed of 80 kilometers per hour, not more. The mind that never
was a particularly good driver, hesitated. But Quentin said that changes in
the filming will cost the company a round sum, and the budget is already exceeded.

On the morrow,
The mind, tormented bad Predchuvstvie, sat behind the wheel of the ill-fated car and not
fit into the turn, crashed full speed into a palm tree. With the car “not
listen to” the road, according to Thurman, were not direct and not
good, and besides, were buried in the sand: all this led to disaster. In
the first moment after the accident, Mind, thinking that I can no longer walk, she
couldn’t even move. The doctors who examined her, stated the actress
a concussion, a serious injury of the cervical vertebrae and knee joints.

But most of all, Thurman
tormented by the idea that Tarantino
tried to kill her, placing a knowingly faulty car. After all, had just
prior to that, she complained about the rough molestation of his friend, Weinstein. And Quentin,
instead of help or at least sympathize, just “dismissed” the charges Minds.
When heal is an actress, wanting to understand what happened, asked
the makers of the film record after the episode
filmed, she was refused. Rather, she set a condition: she will see
its interesting stuff only if you sign a waiver of judicial
persecutions. It is not surprising that
for a long time after this story, the Mind had in regards to Tarantino does
not friendly feelings.

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino