Uma Thurman Tarantino accused of colluding with Harvey Weinstein

Ума Турман обвинила Тарантино в сговоре с Харви Вайнштейном
The actress spoke in detail about how Harvey attacked her.

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino


This fall, when the company Harvey Weinstein
was just starting to spin, Uma Thurman has hinted that she, too, has,
what to tell about the harassment of the producer. But then she did not report,
how it hurt Harvey. “I am no longer a child and had for its
life to learn — when I say anger, I then regret what I said.
So I wanted to wait until I will calm down a little before
share your personal experiences. I’ll tell you when I’m ready…» —
said the actress.

And now she decided that it was time to tell about
their misadventures.

That’s all.
started in Paris in 1994, after they completed filming “Criminal
fiction”, as told Thurman. By that time, as it seemed Mind, she is already well
knew Weinstein. Because they spent so much time together while filming the movie, which
allowed her to become a star of the first magnitude, and discussing joint work.
So when he invited her to his apartment at the Savoy, she’s not
saw nothing dangerous. But when she got there, and was puzzled
the fact that Weinstein met her in a Bathrobe. At some point, as told
Thurman, Harvey attacked her: he knocked her down and fell on top… of Direct violence
he is over her then don’t perpetrate, but the Mind was shocked. She resisted, as
could and was happy when she managed to escape.

When the Mind told the Director of “pulp fiction…”— Quentin Tarantino,
make friends with Weinstein, that only
laughed: “Old man Harvey! He’s always trying to get girls that he is “not tough”…”However, now that Tarantino is accused of
the fact that he covered the actions of Weinstein, he’s no longer a laughing matter. Now he is bitter
regrets that I did not listen to the complaints, after all charges against Harvey were nominated
not only of the Mind. “I knew enough about it. But if I then took
the responsibility to do what had to be done, I would have lost
the opportunity to work with him…” — had to admit Tarantino.

about Weinstein, he has already reacted to the allegations Minds.
He said that he’s only “awkward tried to look after her”. However, he
categorically denies that attacked her physically. We will remind: to the present
time is already more than 60 women have accused Harvey of sexual harassment.