Uma Thurman surprise guests at the Cannes film festival

Ума Турман шокировала своим поведением гостей Каннского кинофестиваля
The actress was photographed passionately kissing with an Italian entrepreneur.

Ума Турман шокировала своим поведением гостей Каннского кинофестиваля

Uma Thurman

Photo: Splash News/East news

46-year-old Uma Thurman
has become the star of a charity evening amfAR Gala dedicated to fighting AIDS, which is held annually in the framework of the Cannes film festival. And
it wasn’t in a bright dress fuchsia, which appeared in the actress.
Mind shocked the guests of the evening their behavior: after some
time after the start of the event the reporters had the opportunity to photograph actress and
Italian entrepreneur Lapo of Alkanna kissing passionately in front of the public.

Actually, a kiss from
Uma Thurman was one of the lots charity events. Most likely,
the organizers meant something like a light “a kiss on the cheek from the actress. But events took another turn. Mind decided not to stand on ceremony, and right in the middle of the hall to bring happiness to Lapo, who has won the coveted lot, a real “French kiss”. In the end, Thurman, which
for some time, was quiet on the love front, seriously interested in their role. Thurman and passionate Italian man was so overcome with emotion that they
could not keep their hands off each other. At the end of the scene, 46-year-old Mind looked
absolutely happy, what makes others think that between them is quite
could be time to “run spark”.

However, there is nothing that
could prevent Elcano and Thurman to start a romantic relationship. Lapo as
Mind, at the moment absolutely free. And he, incidentally, is one of the most enviable
grooms of Italy — heir to the Empire Fiat. About how much the owner paid for the lot “with a kiss
Uma Thurman” is still unknown. It is reported that in addition to this generous
fee, he also gave to charity one of his collector cars
— Ferrari
colors, who later “sold” for one million dollars.

Uma Thurman

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