Uma Thurman started a new life after fighting for his daughter

Ума Турман начала новую жизнь после борьбы за дочь The actress and her ex-fiancé for a long time could not share a child in common. Arpad Busson sought custody of the girl and claimed that with the birth mother for her to be extremely dangerous. The actress, in turn, stressed that taking the baby with her, the man wasn’t paying her enough attention. The war stars with ex-lover has ended.

      Ума Турман начала новую жизнь после борьбы за дочь

      The year began for the 46-year-old Minds unpleasant. With its occurrence has not passed also two weeks as she had to return to protracted legal battles with my ex-fiancé – 54-year-old financier Arpad Bussana. After breaking up in 2013, they can not divide a 4-year old daughter Luna, who lives with her mother. Mind appeared in court in new York dressed in black from head to toe as the funeral, and with appropriate expression. She knew that Arpad had exhausted the civilized way to solve the problem and is going to act on the principle “the end justifies the means”. Only the other day this story finally ended. The uma Thurman managed to achieve sole custody of the child, which she inexplicably happy.


      It seemed, in September 2015, the conflict was settled. Then the Mind is agreed, so that she can spend more time with his father in London. Arpad was able to soften the court stories like him hard all the time to fly across the ocean after surgery to remove part of the lung. Much less emphasis, the financier that can’t stay in America for more than three months, if you do not want problems with the IRS.

      However Mind found that during the visits of the moon, the father wasn’t paying her as much attention as promised. Once Arpad threw a daughter ex-wife Elle MacPherson, to without interference to see the football match. In another case he was asked to bring the girl to the Bahamas where he was on vacation, but the day she landed him on the Islands was not. Arpad was in Cuba at a concert of The Rolling Stones.

      “In dealing with my daughter he is guided by his rather than her interests, reads the verdict of the representatives Minds. In this regard, the relationship between him and Ms. Thurman had become so poisonous that we don’t recommend that they contact each other in the eyes of a child. The moon must be protected from even staying in the same room with both parents”.

      Bussone outraged by the accusation of toxicity. At a hearing in January 2017, he stated that the actress herself is good – suffers from a mental disorder and takes three kinds of antidepressants that does not prevent her to drink alcohol.

      “The mind does not recognize that he was sick, he said. Her irresponsibility puts the girl in danger.”

      The woman psychiatrist, called to testify, also refused to recognize the Mind insane. “She has a syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity, as well as a small dysfunction of the brain responsible for the ability to learn, but this is not a dangerous mental disease,” concluded the doctor.


      Busson put forward a number of claims, even complained to the court that the actress never gave him back his engagement ring worth $1.5 million.

      “She treated the pregnancy as for the deal, said Besson. – Immediately asked to sign a contract, almost depriving me of the right to see his daughter in case of rupture. I found it strange and disrespectful to discuss it this early on”.

      In support of the theory that the Mind is a bad mother, he said that she changed seven nurses for a year and recorded a daughter in preparatory school St. Anne’s in Brooklyn, which he does not like.

      “Classes are small, students are sitting on each other’s heads – says Arpad. – Children look disheveled and dirty, the atmosphere is depressing. I don’t know what the Mind pays $25 thousand a year.”

      The lawyer of the actress attracted to the protection of the school parents of other students who described the school as “a serious and well organized”. “The complaints of Bussana absurd, – said one of the moms. – He is a vile person and I’m glad Mind left him”.