Uma Thurman reunited with her ex-boyfriend

Ума Турман воссоединилась со своим бывшим бойфрендом
The actress began to appear in society Andre first.

Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Uma Thurman increasingly, the public is seen
one of her former Boyfriends — the owner of a chain of hotels Andre first. On
days 48-year-old actress came up with Andre at the premiere of her new film “the Swindler necessarily”.
With them was her 15-year-old son Levon, from his marriage with actress Iten
Hawke. The trio impressed the guests the impression of a close-knit family. This year, Thurman and Andre is not the first time
appear together at different events, and they hold not as
old friends, but as lovers.

Rumors that Mind again with the first, began
be distributed in the autumn of last year. Then first invited the Mind to spend time with him in one of the
owned hotels — Sunset Beach, located in the Hamptons, where they
walked a lot and had dinner by candlelight in the exclusive restaurant. It should be noted that Andre
— the man is very wealthy, he owns an international Empire
hotels. In addition to the above, he still owns the Mercer Hotel in new York
Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Chiltren Firehouse in London…

In the past
The first and
Thurman was a whirlwind romance, which lasted about three years. And,
all friends Minds were then confident that the actress will play Andre’s wedding. Alas, in 2007
they broke up. In 2014, Thurman and Balazs made an attempt to reconnect, true,
then they stayed together for very long.

It is curious that this attempt was made a couple soon
after Thurman has broken off her engagement with another of her ex — Arpad
Bussana, the father of her younger daughters of the moon. Recall that since
the actress broke up with Bussana, he had the order to spoil her nerves. Arpad
constantly pleaded with Thurman, trying to take her moon. Fortunately for the actress, while
the victory was for her.