Uma Thurman lost in the first round of a custody battle over his daughter

Ума Турман проиграла первый раунд борьбы за опеку над своей дочерью
The judge sided with the father of the child.

Ума Турман проиграла первый раунд борьбы за опеку над своей дочерью

Uma Thurman and Arpad, Busson


Uma Thurman and her daughter Luna


the battle between Uma Thurman and father of her daughters of the moon Arpad Busana for custody of the girl stretching is not the first year. For the first time Uma and Arpad, which had been together for several
years, and twice concluded and terminated the engagement, began to quarrel over daughter
shortly after they finally broke up in 2014. Moreover,
at the beginning of this year the next round of their “battle” that suffers while
that is the Mind.

In the end
last year Mind went to court with a petition in which she asked
to classify all the documents process to take care of four-year-old Moon. However
yesterday’s court hearing in Manhattan, judge Matthew Cooper strongly denied
the actress, admitting a fair argument Bussone seeking
the opposite result. “I do not see in this process nothing that would distinguish
his lawsuits from other parents, besides the fact that these two are rich and famous. So
there are no grounds for classifying the process!” — the judge declared.

however, 46-year-old Mind was concerned not about himself but about his daughter. The fact that at the request
Bussone, the court appointed psychologist who examined the child’s condition. Arpad
said: what the Moon without end travels around the world with his mother on the one
shooting area to another, have harmed her psyche. And specialist needs
was to find out whether there was actually damage to the child. Moreover, the report
the psychologist was supposed to be announced at court. This is what was trying to avoid
Mind. Lawyer
actress, at the request of his client, pre-made the following statement: “In
our days anyone can find online information about anyone. And if the report will be made public, this story will haunt the moon all of it
life!” However, judge Cooper did not heed this argument.

very glad to see the judge’s decision, because he advocated publicity in the process.
The main problem in this case is that Arpad is a citizen of France, and
early agreement, he was entitled to communicate with the daughter only in the territory
USA. However, as explained Busson, he owns real estate in different countries, and
want to have the right to take Luna with him wherever he went. “I want to create
precedent for all fathers, who, having American children, are
foreigners. It is very important to fight for our rights, so the process needs
to be public!” he said.