Uma Thurman is afraid of losing daughter

Ума Турман боится потерять дочь
The actress is suing again with your ex.

Ума Турман боится потерять дочь

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson


Uma Thurman and her daughter Luna


the battle between Uma Thurman and her ex-boyfriend Arpad Bussana of joint
the child erupted with renewed force. It seemed that the couple have already settled everything in court
issues concerning custody of the girl last year. Recently, however,
Busson stated that unhappy with the current
situation and again filed a lawsuit against Thurman, requiring a change from
agreement. Both sides are trying as best as possible to prepare for the decisive
the battle to increase your chances of winning. The court, which must
to be decided on their issue will take place in December. About it reported the Internet-website Page.six.

This story
dragged on for nearly two years. It started
shortly after in the fall of 2014 Thurman made the decision to leave
Bussana. Her romance with Arpad was difficult. They began Dating in 2007
and a year later announced that they got engaged. But a year later, Mind suddenly
broke off the engagement and left Bussana. However, just a few months later
the actress decided to return to árpád, and remained with him until the final break
relations that occurred in the year before. During the second round of their romance,
in 2012, and was born their only daughter, whose parents gave
inconceivably long and intricate name – Rosalind Arusha Arkadina of Altalena
Florence. However her mother she admitted to once calling a girl just

the trial against Thurman Busson started when I found out. That Crazy beginning
to meet with Andre first, with whom she had an affair before Arpad. As all
thought Mind was going to marry the first married, and Bussone absolutely not
liked this perspective: he didn’t want his daughter raised by another
man. What ended the first process is not known – the parties entered into
then a confidentiality agreement. According to rumors, Thurman received full custody, and
Arpad – only visitation rights.

practice Busson during this time saw the moon a few times, because it
he has lived in Britain, and the Mind – and the United States. And so Arpad decided to compete again
for their rights and to pursue joint custody, which does not
satisfied Thurman. So the battle, apparently, is fierce.