Uma Thurman finally ended the relationship with billionaire Arpad Bussana

Ума Турман окончательно прекратила отношения с миллиардером Арпадом Бюссоном

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman has officially broken off her engagement with businessman-billionaire Arpad Bussana. As reported by the Western media, citing insiders, the couple had a huge fight in early April, and the refusal of a groom to accompany her to a charity event was the last straw.

Now 46-year-old celebrity goes out without an engagement ring, given to 54-year-old Arpad. 8 APR saw her on that ill-fated charity dinner, but did not attach importance to the lack of a ring and Bussana.
“Arpad was not declared among the invitees. They Cmoy Thurman no longer a couple,” said insiders.
Romance between Thurman and Bussana killed distance. The owner of the London investment Fund lived in Albion and was not going to move in with the woman he loves to new York, she was not ready to change their place of residence and move to another continent.
“They were last seen on the eve of the award ceremony BAFTA. Even then they looked deeply unhappy,” said the insider, and fans still can’t believe this breakup is final. The fact that the Mind had already broken off her engagement with Arpad. Couple who’s been together since 2007, broke off the engagement in 2009. Thurman then returned to the millionaire donated them to a diamond ring, and a few years later it appeared again on her finger.
The joint child of the couple’s daughter Rosalind Arusha Arkadina TSTS komtrans Florence Thurman-Busson came to light in 2012. In March this year, the girl’s parents started litigation. Arpad said that the mother of his child is mentally ill and alcohol dependent, and demanded the opportunity to take the daughter for a long time abroad. But the court sided Minds, and now Besson can see my daughter only once a month.