Ulyana Sergeenko for the first time revealed the reasons for her divorce from billionaire husband

Ульяна Сергеенко впервые раскрыла причины развода с мужем миллиардером
The designer called the relationship with businessman “self-destruction”.

Ulyana Sergeenko


Ulyana Sergeenko for the first time spoke about her divorce with Daniel Khachaturov. To decide on these revelations it took her two whole years. Final separation of the designer and her husband, billionaire happened in 2015. Then it was reported that the gap insisted it husband Ulyana, Sergeenko has denied this information.

As it turned out, the decision to leave took Uliana. She doubted the feelings of his spouse Sergeenko began to feel that Khachaturov didn’t love her anymore. Incidentally, rumors that the businessman has a mistress went long before the official divorce of the couple. The media even published the name of the alleged adulterer’s.

“I just didn’t feel that he loves me, and tired of living as if nothing had happened. It would be self-destruction. Dan didn’t expect that,maybe that’s why reacted so harshly. I didn’t expect this to be so,” Juliana shared in an interview with Tatler magazine.

After the divorce Sergeenko remained at “the broken trough”. Before the wedding she did not read, signed the marriage contract, absolutely not her best. Juliana explains his action by the fact that he was blindly in love and was considered humiliating in the beginning of the novel to get a grasp of the divorce papers. Anyway, the result Khachaturov, whose condition at the time of divorce was estimated at $ 1.5 billion, pays ex-wife is only 100 thousand rubles for the maintenance of their total daughter’s 11-year-old Vasilisa.