Украинцы выбрали Киев для «Евровидения-2017»

The question of what the city must adopt a “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine is still not solved, however, residents believe that no one, not in Kiev, worthy of this task can not cope. A survey among the inhabitants of the country was conducted by marketing company TNS Online Track to identify the General mood of Ukrainians concerning the song contest, and to learn, what city, in their opinion, is the most worthy candidate.

According to the study, 64% of respondents believe that “Eurovision-2017” should be held in Ukraine, while 35% believe that the event should be held in Ukraine under any conditions. 11% humorously-minded survey participants believe that “Eurovision-2017” is to be transferred to Australia, who took second place.

The voting for the location of the contest were divided depending on the region of residence of respondents, but still, the majority – 42% — gave their vote in favor of Kiev, in second place was the lions, and the list goes on – Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv.

Note that the final decision on where the competition will be conducted, the Commission has not yet adopted. The biggest problem is finding a decent site that had a roof (this is the main requirement of the organizers of the contest).

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