Украинский певец обвинил Бейонсе в плагиате

Did Beyonce, creating a video for the song Runninthat in consequence it will be accused of plagiarism. And not Western counterparts, Ukrainian musician Viktor Pavlik.

The similarity of the clip Queen Bee and Pavlik (specifically talking about video “City of green”, which the world saw 6 years ago) noticed the second ward in the project “the Voice” Andrey Luchanko, which, in fact, said about plagiarism.

“Dear Madam… Beyonce… someone actually said that to steal ideas ugly? You basically follow the work of Viktor Pavlik?! And too bad that you don’t! Because if they had, you would know that “innovative“ idea of your clip has long been known to us, Ukrainians! Now and then you do not need to tell you who dictates fashion,“ wrote Andrew Luchanko on the page.

Sam Pavlik not so enthusiastically embraced the idea and admitted that this “rip-off” inspired him to new work.

“I have this “theft“ was inspired. We are now looking for the opportunity to offer Beyonce is blowing. Well, in the world of music people do not draw boundaries, and no matter what we in Ukraine, and beyoncé in the States. Singer singer hears from afar) I think it would be a landmark event for Ukraine.

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