Ukrainian prankster Vitaly Serdyuk tried to disrupt the speech by Jamala

Украинский пранкер Виталий Сердюк попытался сорвать выступление Джамалы

Yesterday in the Ukrainian Kiev ended the international musical contest Eurovision 2017, the winner of which was the representative of Portugal El Salvador Collected. But remember, this is a music event and a series of scandals. We won’t recall the reasons why Russia did not participate in this year’s song contest, but I will tell you about the fresh shocking scandals. While the audience of the participating countries have decided on best performer of the competition, the air filled with the performance of last year’s winner, the Crimean Tatar singer Jamala. During a performance of the song with her on stage, a man appeared with a flag of Australia on his shoulders, suddenly.. he pulled down his pants and the whole world showed their buttocks.

Jamal, you have to hand it to her, and took, and continued the show as if nothing had happened, and the guards immediately pulled the flasher from the stage and put into the hands of law enforcement. We received the offender for Australian fans, however it became known later that this notorious Vitaly Serdyuk, which is not the first time shocking the public with his antics.

Now the bully is in jail, and, according to the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry, could go to jail for five years. It is unlikely that he will receive such a long time n people from around the world call to punish him with all severity that it deserves. Vitaly, who calls himself a prankster and regularly pesters the world of celebrities, for a long time deserves a legal assessment of their actions.