Украина опровергла информацию о финансовой невозможности провести Евровидение

The Eurovision song contest in Kiev. Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that the rumors about the postponement of the international music competition from the Ukrainian capital to Moscow — only a vain attempt to discredit the country in the eyes of the world. Such propagandistic “duck”, according to the official, began to spread in Russia, and the Ukrainian media picked up on them.

The words of Vladimir confirmed by Ruslana Lyzhychko, participant and winner of Eurovision in 2005.
“Just spoke with Artur Gasparyan, with whom we are on friendly terms since my victory in Istanbul. He was asked to comment on “financial difficulties” and the actual risk of transfer of the contest. I reacted very emotionally, but has prepared an official response.
As a member of the organizing Committee with the Eurovision 2017, I can responsibly say that Ukraine is completely ready to host the Eurovision song contest. I say this as someone who has held this competition and knows all the details, not rumors, but from personal experience, and secondly, as a participant in this process, which possess sufficient information.
There is no financial problems. The allocated funds completely cover all basic costs, and they are not virtual, and is reserved in a Swiss Bank and do not depend on exchange rate fluctuations” — wrote Ruslan and added that the subsidy provided and the Kyiv city administration, and a host of sponsors.
“So that problems, especially financial, is not in principle” — said the singer.
Recall that last year, the winner of the contest was a Crimean Tatar Jamala.