Tyra banks made a surprise announcement

Тайра Бэнкс сделала неожиданное заявление
The supermodel decided to radically change the rules of the game.

Tyra Banks


Tyra banks, who for 12 years was the permanent
the leading and the producer of “Top model American”, planned changes in
conditions of “child” as she likes to call this show.

The thing
the fact that until recently, her show there was a very severe limitation:
it was not accepted applicants older than 27, and most of them were significantly
under that “limit”. And now tyra has made an unexpected statement: “from Now on
for me it does not matter how old you are. I just need,
so you learned to “smile with my eyes”. And yet, were open to mastering
the art work on the podium, like real supermodel!”. So next season, viewers,
likely to see participants of all ages that will make the show more intrigue.

This news has spread in just a few
weeks after the news that banks is back in the show as
presenter. After all, a Year ago, tyra was about to just close his show,
deciding that it was time to do something new. Then, after
as banks became a mother nurtured for her surrogate baby, she
he changed his mind and decided to renew the show, but to participate in it only in
as a producer. However, tyra lasted in this mode, only one
the season during which the show had Rita Ora.
But now tyra has not only returned his previous work, but figured out how to update