Tyra banks couldn’t abandon his child

Тайра Бэнкс не смогла бросить свое дитя
The top model now is going to cope with two “children”.

Tyra Banks

Photo: Fotodom.ru

the TV show “Top model-American” rallying cry. As reported by tyra banks, though
on previously made her decision, she expressed a desire to return to the show as the lead. This was reported by the website contactmusic.com.

Tyra wrote on his page on the social network: “I realized that the show “Top model
American” — my “child” and I just can’t leave him. I’m too much
I’ve been missing him… And now it will get
their “mommy” back! After much deliberation, I realized that to stay on
that’s not enough for me. Desire to lead a “Top model” seems to have just
embedded in my genes…”

A year ago, tyra decided to just close his show, deciding that for her
it’s time to do something new. Then, after banks became
mother nurtured for her surrogate baby, she changed her mind and
decided to renew the show, but to participate in it only as
producer. However, tyra stayed in
this mode is only one season, during which the show had Rita Ora. But
now tyra wants to get her old job back. Thus, it is not forgotten
to thank Rita for her participation in the show. “Rita, I thank you for that
astounding contribution that you managed to bring in “Top model” — she wrote on
his page in the social network. So
now Tyra somehow have to be managed
with two “babies” — 14-month-old son and loved the show.