Тайфун «Джондари» загнал Ольгу Орлову в токийское метро
The singer got into the epicenter of bad weather during the trip.

Olga Orlova

Photo: @Instagram olgaorlova1311 Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova this year decided to spend a summer vacation
familiarity with Japan. With her to the land of the rising sun went to her
son Artem. At a time when the singer was planning a trip, it is unlikely
could assume that it will be in Japan during the rampage of Typhoon “Dandari”.

Olga, fortunately, live in an area that the element is bypassed
party. And yet on the eve of the warnings of the authorities she had temporarily
to hide in the underground. Orlov used the time to good use and studied Japanese
metro, which are not produced in the artist impressions. “Thanks to today’s Typhoon, we visited the Tokyo metro. Honestly, Yes
forgive me the Japanese, with our not compare”, — said Olga. Orlov
son got off lightly, but many Japanese were not so lucky.

A natural disaster
already hit the Central and
the Western part of the country. Affected about
23 people, and over 8,000 homes were left without electricity. Earlier in Japan killed about
80 people due to the heat wave.