Типы цветных карандашей. Как выбрать цветные карандаши для рисования

Today the market offers many types of colored pencils, which are used dependent on the equipment drawing children of various age groups. Through drawing, children develop fine motor skills, creativity, ability to think and Express their emotions in drawings. Also while drawing, the children receive lots of positive emotions, Express their condition with bright colors.

Quality colored pencils — is the key to the kid’s fun in the drawing process. The facilities must be of good strong lead and rich shades. It is recommended to choose drawing materials from reputable manufacturers that guarantee the safety of products, ease of sliding.

Типы цветных карандашей. Как выбрать цветные карандаши для рисования

How to choose a pencil for drawing

Choosing stationery for children, many parents wonder, what are colored pencils, which give preference, given the different selection parameters. The texture and shades of pencils of different manufacturers differ greatly, as there are pencils for professionals or ordinary products for children’s creativity.

Main types of colored pencils:

  • with hard and soft stylus;
  • translucent shades and rich matte;
  • watercolor and pastel;
  • wax products.

Thanks to an extensive color palette, you can create extremely realistic drawings, the shades which create a smooth color transitions. Depending on the specific drawing techniques are different categories of accessories to create different visual effects. So wondering what colored pencils better, a definite answer cannot be given — may be chosen individually.

The technique of painting is different from watercolor, gouache, and other materials as a thin stylus gives more possibilities for detailing of drawings, thus impossible to paint large areas of the picture. The optimal solution would be a set of soft and hard pencils, adjusting the pressure is to vary the saturation of colors and provide smooth color transitions.

Типы цветных карандашей. Как выбрать цветные карандаши для рисования

Differences and peculiarities of different types of colored pencils

The main nuances are different than the colored pencils are the density and strength of the stylus, and also in the drawing of the rod. Soft pencils after applying the shade easily, providing smooth lines and transitions. A detailed drawing can be provided by a hard pencil, it is also possible to enhance shadows and midtones. An important caveat is timely sharpening of the stylus so that the drawing process held comfortably and bring only pleasure.

To understand how to choose colored pencils for drawing, you need to understand their basic types:

  • graphite — the cheapest art supplies. The downside is not strong enough lead that often breaks down and requires re-sharpening;
  • watercolor is visually almost do not differ from graphite, but the core is essentially pressed watercolor. These pencils provide more saturated colors, they do not break and crumble when strong pressure;
  • wax — suitable for drawing on standard paper, cardboard, Board. Pencils do not require sharpening, because made from the colorant, which is sealed with wax. The advantage of drawing materials of this type is that they do not get their hands dirty and are easily erased from any surface.

How to choose pencils for children of different ages

To select a crayons children drawing at school or at extra curricular activities, it is necessary to focus on the age category of the child’s creative tendencies and preferred technique of painting. For children under three years of age are advised to choose products a convenient form, so that they do not fall and do not slip out of small hands.

The best colored pencils for children — with a soft pencil, which does not require considerable effort and pressure. The optimal diameter is 1 cm, which children feel comfortable to hold in hand. To determine the degree of softness of the products it is necessary to pay attention to the marking — soft rod is denoted by M or on national and international scale, respectively.

For children from three years will approach watercolor terminals, which are suitable for drawing in dry or wet form. It is best to choose up to 12 shades after mastering painting techniques you can adopt a wider range of colors.

When choosing the office, you need to pay attention to how they make pencils for the children. Reliable manufacturers of drawing materials used in the manufacturing process is tested and safe substances that can use small children without harm for health. The pencils used pigments and binders, which are harmless in contact with delicate baby skin.

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