Двухлетняя дочь Татьяны Навки растет спортсменкой The girl has already learned how to perform a handstand. According to Tatyana Navka, she taught Nadia how to do this exercise. She had a great interest in physical fitness and wants to achieve great success in the sport.

      Двухлетняя дочь Татьяны Навки растет спортсменкой

      The end of may-beginning of June — a time when many are going out in nature to enjoy the weather and relax. Was no exception and Olympic champion Tatiana Navka. “Finally, summer is upon us,” — the publication made a happy Tatyana Navka in “Instagram”. The famous figure skater went to breathe the fresh air, along with her daughter, an adorable two year old Nadia. Girl enjoy being her mom.

      Most of all under the open sky Nadia liked to exercise. The girl from childhood is growing very athletic. Baby without any difficulty did the handstand is an exercise, incidentally, can make not every adult. It is believed that it develops flexibility, strength and sense of balance, and strengthens muscles. Interestingly, tat did not teach Nadia how to get up on its hands. According to celebrity, the girl showed interest in the sport.

      Tatiana Navka did not hesitate to share the sporting achievements of the child in his microblog. “Sport since my childhood respect, become a dream champion! And nobody ever taught,” wrote the skater in social networks. Subscribers Navka was amazed by the talent of her daughter. “What is pretty”, “Class”, “Pretty woman,” they expressed their opinion in the comments of the post star.

      Двухлетняя дочь Татьяны Навки растет спортсменкой

      While engaged in physical activity Nadia, Tatiana, picking flowers. Especially Navka like lilac. “I love lilac lush color and heady fragrance of her, the beauty comes out, wearing the outfit our gaze alluring. Their beauty charu all, she is Princess blossom includes, in our world and feeling the success, a novel with the siren gets people” — quoted figure skater poet Alibekova Rashida on his page in social networks.

      Recall that recently Tatiana Navka returned from Cannes, where I passed the next Cannes film festival. Russian celebrity made a splash on the Croisette, which is considered one of the most luxurious places in France. The company Tatyana made up her girlfriends, including Svetlana Bondarchuk. Together women attending social events — film screenings and parties after them. On one evening the Russians managed to meet Kim Kardashian, who flew to France at the invitation of one jewelry brand. Tatiana Navka made a splash in Cannes

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