Двухлетней дочке Татьяны Навки сделали «взрослый» маникюр
Olympic champion brings little girl a real lady.

Daughter Tatiana Navka Nadia

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

The youngest daughter Tatiana Navka only two years old, and her mom already
takes her to beauty salons for a manicure. The Olympic champion posted a photo
little Nadia made during the procedure. Professional master painted small
the girl’s nails red. “A real woman!” — signed photo

Recall, a month Tatiana Navka ceased to hide the face of his
youngest daughter. Like many famous people, wary of prying eyes, skater
long concealed the face of the youngest daughter from the fans. At first it was published in
the blog of the photo, which is visible only the head girl, and then
gradually began to appear pictures
which Nadia is in profile. Fans wondered, who looks like a girl, what
the colors in her eyes. But when the Post published a photo of my daughter taken in
the mini-zoo in Sochi, it became easy to see the face of Nadya and understand that
the girl is very like my mother. “The incredible adventures happened today
us — signed the Olympic champion. We visited the Dolphinarium and the zoo.
So much delight I have never seen your child.”

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