Двухлетняя дочка Аллы Пугачевой пошла по маминым стопам
Little Lisa performed her first song on television.


A video posted by ALLA PUGACHEVA PHOTOS & VIDEOS (@allaprimadonna) on Jul 3, 2016 at 10:44pm PDT

It seems that all the children of Alla Pugacheva receive from her hereditary singing talent. While her eldest daughter, Christina Aguilera has managed to build a successful singing career, a two-year lease only makes in this direction first steps. The programme, which leads her father — Maxim Galkin, the girl performed her first song in front of the audience.

Alla Pugacheva with daughter Lisa

While Lisa sang the children’s song “he Lived a brave captain…” from the faces of proud parents went smile. A touching little speech and touched by the guests of Alla and Maxim — Director Vladimir Menshov and his wife, actress Vera Alentova, and their daughter Julia Menshovoj. By the way, in the end, the adults decided to support Lisa and sang the last line together.

Meanwhile, not long ago, the daughter Pugacheva and Galkin have attracted the attention of her father published by the. Many fans came to the conclusion that Lisa necessarily waiting for the fate of the artist. The girl is very artistic and not at all shy about photos and cameras. By the way, if in the future the daughter of Alla and Maxim would become a singer, this song would be considered a debut in her career.

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