Two weeks before the birth, Svetlana Loboda brought my mom in horror

За две недели до родов Светлана Лобода привела маму в ужас
Will announce whether the singer the name of the father of a recently born daughter?

Svetlana Loboda continued to serve up until the seventh month of pregnancy and skillfully concealed this fact from others. The singer, in connection with the expectation of a second child, did not change the tour schedule or the choreography of performances. Moreover, being in America on maternity leave, she continued to work: recorded new songs in the Studio and two weeks before the birth she filmed a video for the song “Superstar”, where famously danced the twerk. How she was able to so easily reconcile pregnancy with work? This question Loboda said in a recent interview.

On the upcoming replenishment in the family of Svetlana learned in the third month. By the time the rehearsals of the concert program, and she decided again she so easily carries the pregnancy, so at the moment you can not change anything. “I can’t do choreography because we worked for thirty concerts a month, and realized that this vector I need to hold on,” recalled Svetlana.

Then, he went to the States to give birth, Loboda started to prepare material for enchanting return. We are talking about the teaser for the song “Superstar,” which caused the Network to heated discussions. The footage of this video Svetlana takes the super dynamic for a pregnant girl movement. Someone even thought that the singer shot these pictures after the birth (with patch stomach).

“What invoice?! Dancing on the ninth month of pregnancy two weeks before birth! My mother was horrified, told me every day: please, dear, don’t, it’s risky. And I say: mom, the emergence and return (to the scene) must be enchanting. In General, that’s what I was doing,” he said of svetalana.

Svetlana Loboda and newborn daughter

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

By the way, Svetlana is recognized that the second birth went much easier the first. Recall that in addition to the new-born baby in the family Loboda grows seven years ‘ eve. By the way, at the time of his arrival in Moscow on MUZ-TV, the singer interrupted breast-feeding. She left her family (mother, remaining with her granddaughter in America) reserves of breast milk in the fridge. “The first week (postpartum) I had what was left of the milk to the stock. I – fanatic mother, crucial for me to breastfeed” — quoted by Svetlana MK. Interestingly, Loboda plans to tell the audience about the father of the child. However, the Outlook is quite vague: the question of when this happens, the singer cryptically replied, “someday…”

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