Two teaser for a new “Jason Bourne” on the Network

In July this year on the big screen return of the elusive Jason Bourne in the performance of Matt Damon. The gunman, whose name consists of the name of the main character, again, tell us about his adventures and show his attempt to once again save the world from disaster.

Today we have another opportunity to see Bourne in two short teasers:

The direction of the movie deals with Paul Greengrass. In addition to Damon in the movie will appear Julia Stiles, Alicia vikander and Wensel Kassel, which will transform into the enemy.

On the script Damon and Greengrass worked together with Christopher rose. “Not to blurt out the excess, let me just say that the plot of the new “Bourne” will be linked with Europe experiencing a severe economic situation, and the era that came after the revelations of Edward Snowden. In the ribbon will be present controversy about the spying and civil liberties, as well as the nature of democracy,” told Damon.

The film-makers say that the main question to be answered in the film, where Jason Bourne was 12 years old, what was he doing all this time and what prompted him to come forward.

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