Two lover Selena Gomez had a bet who of them is richer

Два любовника Селены Гомес поспорили, кто из них богаче
Rejected by the singer’s boyfriend felt avenged.

Два любовника Селены Гомес поспорили, кто из них богаче

Selena Gomez


Singer, Asbel
Tifa, acting under the pseudonym Weeknd, felt
yourself avenged. Left him girlfriend — Selena Gomez, well, he
it turned out, earned more than the one for whom she left him — that is
Justin Bieber.

According to
to information from authoritative Forbes, over the past
12 months, Asbel replenish their account to a respectable amount — $ 92 million.
75 he earned during his concert tour, during which
incidentally, it is not just joined by Selena Gomez. But the current
the boyfriend singer, which she left Tesfay — Justin Bieber was on
one position lower than Asbel. He earned “only” 83 million. It would seem that
the difference is not so great, but Justin still have feelings. Indeed, over the past
time allowed himself to ridicule in the address of Asbel about his music
creativity. Although dictated all attacks Bieber, according to gossip,
solely jealousy — because at the time Selena was still with Thisteam.

as for the other celebrities included in the Forbes list, the best result from Adele, who has sold in the past
year of 1.73 million copies of his album “25”, adding his condition 69
million. It is curious that such a celebrity like Taylor swift were among the
stars of sport and show business is only in ninth place. She earned for the year
44 million. And the youngest of the top ten most enriched stars became
younger sister Kim Kardashian — Kylie Jenner. Their line of cosmetics and clothing
she earned 41 million.

Два любовника Селены Гомес поспорили, кто из них богаче

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


Asbel, Tifa and Selena Gomez