Two father Vladislav Galkin

Два отца Владислава Галкина My story about that happening in ordinary life sometimes overshadows the top-rated series.
Два отца Владислава Галкина

Vladislav Galkin, who passed away at 38 years old, loved by millions of viewers. A native of Omsk Georgy Petrovich Cherkasov was no exception, and have always admired the bright talent of an actor. But half of his life, he did not even know that charming guy, a role which he knew almost by heart, – his child.

About fleeting and passionate affair of their youth with the girl Elena (the meeting occurred in the train – the young people went to business trip to Sverdlovsk) Georgy Petrovich recalled often. And even after years of happy family life and the birth of two sons could not forgive herself for not having performed this once promises to find his beloved.

“Imagined what she was thinking about me – the guy who a week met with her, and then was gone.”

After sudden cardiac arrest Vladislav Galkin Georgi Petrovich sees a news story about his parents – foster father, the famous artist Boris S. Galkin, and mother, playwright Helena Petrovna Demidova.

“I heard her name, two days could not recover. It’s my Helen! Then he compared the birth date of Vladislav, the last night with Elena, and realized that his adult sons, whom he is very proud of, could be such a wonderful brother.”
Два отца Владислава Галкина

Only five years ago, after learning that Lena was ill with cancer, Georgy Petrovich decided to share her story with friend, Nikolai Antipov.

“He asked me to find it on the Internet and to convey words of support, – says Nikolay. – I wrote in the comments on one of the sites where there is page Elena Demidova, wish her a speedy recovery, and also conveyed greetings from an old friend – George”.

Farther from the banks of the Irtysh Georgii Petrovich in the Pskov region, where at that time living in the country his ex-girlfriend. But to meet them and failed, a few months after Elena died.

“When she died, Georgy Petrovich looked like he lost a really dear and close person”, – says Nikolay.
Два отца Владислава Галкина
Два отца Владислава Галкина

At Troekurov cemetery national pet Vladislav Galkin lies next to her mother, Elena Demidova. Near their graves is older, handsome man, and kissing a photo of his eldest son, during one’s life have never met, quietly whispers, “darling, darling, again I’m sorry… You with synochki, which did not say who the father is”.

Georgy Petrovich on what not pretend, he’s got a nice big house on the river, a caring wife, great sons, one of whom, Alex, surgeon by profession, is the spitting image of Vladislav Galkin, even smile the same.

Of course, bitterly, that cemetery Georgy Petrovich came only eight years after the death of the famous son.

Two-thirds of his life Vladislav starred in the movie… 40 movies… Crazy popular… it All passed by Georgy Cherkasov.

But he explains that he was not going to bask in the rays of his glory, and especially did not want to cause psychological trauma adoptive father, Boris Galkin, suffered a number of losses and adored by Vladislav. And only now, when 70-year-old actor married singer Inna razumihina the long-awaited daughter was born, Georgy Petrovich decided on the recognition.

“Vlad’s in our family all love. Wife sometimes calls his sons: “Come on, there’s your brother show”.
Два отца Владислава Галкина