Two families Matvey Ivanov trying to get it back

Две семьи Матвея Иванова пытаются его вернуть The boy, who was kidnapped in the summer of 2014, seized Elena and Sergey Spahovic. Matvey Ivanov are going to adopt. However, residents of suburbs are not going to put up with the situation. They are truly worried about the fate of the baby, as I consider it child.

      Две семьи Матвея Иванова пытаются его вернуть

      On April 13 it became known that Matthew Ivanov, stolen from his Grandfather’s hospital in 2014 were adopted. Information about the new child’s family was not disclosed. After Elena Shahova stole the baby from the hospital, she had raised him as his own heir, so the decision of the court became for her a heavy blow. The woman’s spouse Sergey in all its supports. Recently Spagobi became heroes of the program “live”, in which he shared his story.

      The kidnapper Matthew Ivanova spoke for the first time about their actions

      According to Elena, she had not seen child for three months and two days.

      “I exist, not live. Do not give to see, do not give any information about where he is, what he’s doing, how he feels,” said the woman, whose eyes were filled with tears.
      Две семьи Матвея Иванова пытаются его вернуть

      In the broadcast transmission Spehova also talked about how the kidnapping occurred Ivanov. At the woman’s words, she decided to steal the baby after desperate to have her. Elena miscarried early on and was afraid to talk about it to loved ones.

      The woman long time spouse lied and told him he is in an interesting position. When it’s the allotted time, Elena spoke, had a baby, but the baby remained in the hospital for treatment. The husband of the kidnapper Matthew Ivanova didn’t know that he’s raising another man’s son and saw him as about two years. Despite information about the act of the wife, the man does not intend to abandon the child.

      “I think his family,” said the man in the program.
      Две семьи Матвея Иванова пытаются его вернуть

      The spahiu did not hide that he was shocked to learn the truth about the origin of the baby. Over time, however, the man apparently resigned to the act of the spouses. At the moment Sergei is worried about the baby, which he still did not consider a stranger. “It’s done, what now judge? Now this is not about us… Child stole from us. I raised him and stole it. And show up, and not allowed to communicate. I have all the documents collected”, – said the Spahiu.

      The Studio program also appeared native the boy’s mother Lyubov Ivanova, who turned from the child and threw him in the hospital, where he then disappeared. However, after some time, she decided to return the baby. She stated in a live TV show. Ivanov also made it clear that it does not intend to sort out relations with Pahovoj.

      The biological mother of Matvey Ivanov: “I am ready to fight for his son!”

      “I don’t want to talk to her. She would say, ‘ I gave my mother 800 thousand,” said the young woman.
      Две семьи Матвея Иванова пытаются его вернуть

      Love the statement provoked a strong reaction from Helena, accusing her of lying. “Why are you lying?” said Spehova.

      However, Ksenia Mishina, responsible for the rights of the child in the Moscow region, said that the public is deceived by the kidnapper of the child. “This whole nightmare called “victim Spehova” for me seems impossible, because we are all the time faced with the fact that people are on the verge of a lie… I believe that a woman has committed a serious crime… She did it to get married. And the baby acted as a guarantor of personal happiness,” she said.

      Sergei Spahiu was strongly disagree with the statement public figure. “Ms. Mironova sat in our apartment and said we were priority and we will help. And she back has done exactly the opposite. Sold child,” said the man.

      For the family Spahovic very emotional, stood up politician Elena Mizulina.

      “The child is secretly adopted, but the decision has not yet entered into force. There is a possibility to appeal against it… the Children are removed from families like all officials, guardianship, and commissioners better understand the children, they have a great apartment, they are all pure, perfect, sterile, made repairs. And only they can judge, with whom to live and grow up child,” – said Mizulina.

      In the final programme in the Studio there was a biological father of the baby Alexei Chastain. “They are my mother and I decided to give up,” said the man. He also denied the statement Ivanova that she was beaten. However, presenter Boris korchevnikov doubted the words of Alexei Chestnaya, sharply enough expressed their disagreement with the position of the ex-lover.

      In turn, the civil husband of Lyubov Ivanova, Vadim Tarasov said that would undertake the education of Matvey Ivanov, if you manage to get it back.

      The very same kid, told the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Moscow region, feel good and enjoy communicating with their peers. “Every day playing, growing, playing with kids. Any deviations we do not observe. He is healthy, wonderful kid” – said Ksenia Mishina.