Twist: Depp became a new dad kids Jolie

Поворот: Депп стал новым папой детям Джоли

Foreign media suspect that the actors have a longstanding romantic relationship.

After a scandalous divorce johnny Depp with amber heard and the breakup Angelina Jolie brad pitt the tabloids around the world are closely watching their life. And finally, their efforts yielded results, and the unexpected. Journalists managed to find out that Depp and Jolie meet!

If you believe the claims of their Western colleagues, the first spark between the actors slipped back in 2010 during the filming of “the Tourist”, where they played a major role. Then there were the first rumors that Angelina and johnny got a little thing for each other. But after the premiere of the tape gossip came to naught. However, apparently, no smoke without fire after all does not happen.

A source close to Jolie, shared with the staff of the National Enquirer stating that Depp often happens in the house of the actress and, what’s more, children Angie call him “Papa johnny”. This same person claims that Jolie was always against the marriage of actor amber heard and warned him that this venture failed. And when the couple came to divorce, the actress was supported by Depp, despite the accusations of violence that it rained, and then she decided to leave her husband, and blamed him for what had previously suspected johnny – abuse! The actor in turn quickly swept in and introduced Jolie to his lawyer Laura Wasser, which helped him to break up with amber.

Of course, the star does not comment on rumors, but it is unlikely they will be able long to hide from the paparazzi. And fans meanwhile think that Jolie and Depp will be very beautiful couple.