Tvzavr triggers the production of content for TV channels

Tvzavr запускает производство контента для ТВ каналов
Online cinema will show a series of programs about cinema, business and travel.

Online cinema Tvzavr,
together with the famous TV presenter
and sinodistillation Sam Klebanov, begins production
exclusive content – a cycle of programs about cinema, business and
travel. This was during a press conference said the General
Director Tvzavr Marina Shurygina.

The first cycle programs
will be launched on may 19 in
online cinema Tvzavr, and from may 20 will be released in
the air of Federal TV channel “Che”. It is important to emphasize,
that Tvzavr has become the first online cinema in the Russian market,
which is engaged in the production of programmes for TV channels.

programs unique to the market online video and national TV, it
concept and script developed exclusively
for Tvzavr Sam Klebanov. The concept – author
the program, combining the advantages of the blog and TV
report. The project aims at promoting cinema and lighting
the latest developments from the world of film, business and culture. Geography of the project
covers more than 10 cities, including Cannes, Berlin, new York, Venice,
Hong Kong, Toronto, Tokyo, San Sebastian, Moscow and
many others. Tvzavr is the General producer and
and the only investor of the project. At this
the moment it is planned to produce 40 episodes of the programme.

The first cycle
a program called “the Cannes diaries” completely
dedicated to the Cannes film festival. The program consists of
6 issues with a duration of 12-15 minutes, and the final release by 25-30
minutes. Exclusive rights to broadcast the program
Russia acquired the TV “Che”,
the air which the program will be released on may 20, after the slot
The “big show”. The terms of the agreement between the companies did not
disclosed. The innovative concept of the program will allow
TV channel “Che” to attract youth and female audience, whose share in
modern small TV.

to note, Sam Klebanov and online-cinema Tvzavr aimed
for long-term cooperation providing for the implementation of joint
activities. For example, in may 2017 in the section “Copyright
movie” on the platform Tvzavr is available in more than 200 films of the genre
“Arthouse”, the rights to which belong to the project “Cinema without borders”
Sam Klebanov.

content – new and strategically important area
for Tvzavr that meet our mission – to make a movie
available and popular among the General public. We note
the interest of the audience in new and interesting formats
and we hope that our project fully
will satisfy their needs, says CEO
online cinema Tvzavr Marina Shurygina.
– I note that the output of the program in the broadcast “Che” is a unique
example of cooperation between the VOD service and the Federal TV channel in Russian
the market, and we expect to develop this practice. Besides,
the project is the impetus for international expansion of our
the company is currently its interest in
the program was expressed by the TV channels of Kazakhstan, negotiations with
the TV channels in the CIS, Israel and Baltic States”.

“At the moment
channel “Che” is being updates. The changes affect both
essential design and content. For example, a recent show on the air
“Th” series “Young dad” was definitely bold and bright
event, — said General Director of TV channel “Th” Lev Makarov.
— The figures we have received indicate that our experiment was a success,
audience of the channel is ready for new projects, which earlier even it was difficult
to submit to our air. We plan to continue to develop in this
direction. At this stage we have high hopes
in cooperation with Tvzavr, which promises to be more than
fruitful. We believe that our joint work will contribute to
to attract new, rare for a modern TV audience”.

“For me
promising to do a project at the intersection of television and
online formats, we can say that this is an innovative and unique format for
nationwide television. And this is the first in the market producing online cinema
program on film for national TV.
“I note the enormous opportunities of cooperation of one of the
leading online cinema Tvzavr young and ambitious
TV channel “Che”, with an ever —growing audience,”
says broadcaster and film distributors , Sam Klebanov.
In “the Cannes Diaries” we will try to keep alive
the format of the blog on the one hand, and high-quality television
the picture and mounting on the other. I hope for
the audience online and on television
the program will open the world of copyright and independent cinema from around the world.
This is our first joint project with Tvzavr and “Th”, but I’m sure not
last. We have many plans for the future, including lighting leading
film festivals in the world, and the expansion of cinema, as online
and in a television broadcast, noted Sam Klebanov”.

major international online cinema legal content. Service launched
in 2010, the technological platform interactive video,
demonstrating the high quality of streaming video and transferring the video stream.

Monthly audience Tvzavris
more than 25 million unique users. The video library consists of more than 40 thousand
Pieces of content, most of which is offered to the audience
free. Tvzavr is available on all platforms: Web, mobile,
Smart TV, set-top boxes. Online cinema operates on a mixed model
monetization: through a paid subscription, sale and rental
movies, video at the same time.

Subscription price — 249 rubles.
Movies cost from 99 rubles.

from the Russian players entered the international market by launching the app “Russian
Smart TV and mobile devices
promote Russian cinema around the world.