TV presenter Linden baptized daughter

Телеведущая Липа крестила дочь The sacrament took place last weekend. TV presenter Linden Teterich shared a photo from the temple in his microblog. A mother of two children explained why it did not hide such a happy event from fans.

      Over the weekend the TV presenter Linden, who gave birth to a daughter in late June, baptized the baby in the Temple-chapel of the Archangel Gabriel. Star mom decided not to keep the secret of a happy event, so podelilas the page in the social network with the ceremony. You see, as the priest dips the little heiress in a font. The process of follow Linden and friend of the family Irina Dubtsova, which, apparently, had the honor to become a godmother of the baby. In the caption to the frame leading said, why did not hide joyful moment from subscribers.

      “That’s such a big deal in our family. Meet the world of the latter-day Christian. And right answer, knowing differently indifferent attitude of contemporaries to such photos. The sacrament of baptism is a mystery? No. Ordinance. From Greek as “invisible grace” of God which is communicated to man. Secret – not in the sense of “secret, don’t tell anyone”, and the secret to understanding the human mind. Man that looks like has not changed, feel the rebirth and the new life, the spiritual began,” said Linden.

      According to Teterich, she consulted with the priest, and he explained to her that there is nothing wrong with what she has to say about the baptism of thousands of people.

      “We do not do this bright and joyful event for us to be a secret, and share our joy. Sharing a kind word, deed, song, example, film, television, photography, mood, event, people sow goodness. And on the page I try to follow this rule. But in secret let the state secret and the address of Santa Claus,” added Linden.

      Recall that the TV presenter daughter was born to the music of Tchaikovsky’s “the Nutcracker”. The eldest son of Linden Laurel was really expecting the birth of their sister or brother. Star mom very quickly able to regain a slender figure in and out of decree. Two months later Teterich was struck by a fit body in evening dresses on the contest “New wave”.