TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze became the centre of a sex scandal with Weinstein

Телеведущая Екатерина Мцитуридзе оказалась в центре секс-скандала с Вайнштейном Film critic broke a long silence and decided to speak on a concern for millions of women around the world. The journalist said that molested her Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. According to Catherine, he had assaulted her several times.
Телеведущая Екатерина Мцитуридзе оказалась в центре секс-скандала с Вайнштейном

The presenter of the First channel and the head of “Roskino” Ekaterina Mtsituridze has made a shocking confession. The woman joined Hollywood actress accused of harassment of the famous producer Harvey Weinstein, who worked on the films “Kill bill”, “Lord of the rings” and “Shakespeare in Love”.

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According to Mtsituridze, the figure of show-business have repeatedly tried to win her favor. The first time the woman met with Weinstein at the Berlin festival. Then Catherine interviewed George Clooney, debuted in directing with the film “Confessions of a dangerous mind”.

“Harvey was the producer of this film. He came up to me after the interview and said that he liked my questions. He also added that he loves the Russian culture, especially Chekhov, and his grandparents are originally from Russia, so we could talk about it. I was surprised and told me that my man will not be in awe of our meeting tete-a-tete, but if he’ll wait for you, no problem,” recalls film critic.

A Hollywood producer asked Catherine: “You don’t understand me?” And gave her my phone number. Weinstein allowed the journalist to call him any time.

After that, according to Mtsituridze, she repeatedly met with Weinstein at public events. Producer every time I asked Catherine when she would call him. According to Mtsituridze, the man also offered to bring her to new York.

In 2004, the reporter saw Weinstein at the screening of “finding Neverland” with johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, held at the Venice film festival. After the party, Harvey was invited Catherine to his room. The producer reminded the woman that he was engaged in the publishing business and tried his hand at directing. The man said that he has a great project idea with contemporary Russian writers. Mtsituridze hastened to refuse, but decided to meet next day at a café in a luxury hotel. When Catherine arrived at the appointed time, the assistant to the Weinstein told her that he wasn’t feeling well and suggested the woman go upstairs, in the room of his employer.

“The assistant said she’d join us, so I went with it. When I entered the room, he saw that the table was set for two. At this point, the assistant had disappeared. I was in shock. Harvey was dressed in a Bathrobe. Weinstein said he was waiting for the masseuse, but she’s late. He said, “We can have fun without her. Let’s relax,” recalls Mtsituridze.

According to the woman, Weinstein told her about the recent operations on the abdominal cavity and tried to show the stomach. Mtsituridze remembered that on that fateful evening, the producer said something like: “You’re going to love it. I’m a guru in this matter. You’ve never met a man like me.” Catherine, as she claims, saved by the sudden appearance of the waiter. Seizing the moment, Mtsituridze hurried to escape.

In the hallway, Catherine met colleagues. They asked what happened. The reporter hurried to call in sick. She said that feels bad. Subsequently Mtsituridze had to cross again with Weinstein. According to the journalist, in these moments she felt uncomfortable.

“At the Cannes film festival he came up to me and said quietly, “don’t Even think about anything. Forget about it. Be smart.” (…) It was so disgusting. I had no idea that it was his usual way of communicating with women,” said Catherine.

Mtsituridze explained why he decided to speak in resonant theme after long years of silence. The woman decided that the time had come when he saw the revelation of the other victims Weinstein, reports The Hollywood Reporter.