TV host Lipa will become a mother for the second time

Телеведущая Липа станет мамой во второй раз
The presenter of the contest “New wave” is pregnant again.


Photo: Personal archive of a star

Lipa Teterich, which is a permanent leading
the contest “New wave” and “Hot ten” on channel “Russia1”, after a few
months you will become a mother for the second time.

As admitted happy TV star to magazine HELLO!, her 8-year-old son of Laurel has long been
asked her for a brother or sister.

“Then came that last summer Lavrik
told us: “All parents, I’ve learned! Found diet Hollywood
stars! Mama, have it was in September eat oysters and drink white wine and
then you’ll get pregnant! If fall would just forget about it, I’m
let me remind you”. It was then I realized that “really is time”, time
even our player Lavrik (and stars-then — sorry, colleagues — not all
knows, just because in principle, indifferent to the TV and the world pop)
dug up somewhere on the Internet a diet of Hollywood. It is clear,
what, going this year to the second grade, Laurel had learned some things from him
more information appears that besides oysters and wine for birthday
the child needs something else”.

During pregnancy in Linden had plenty of time
for a loved one recently activities – painting.

“Actually very difficult to name my painting
hobby, said Lip — Because now I pay him a lot
time. I’m finally Mature enough to make this my hobby
the second education. Don’t know whether it will be useful to me in my life, but I always
there was a need for it.”

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